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Clearing Yourself with Archangel Raphael

Clearing Yourself with Archangel Raphael  April 6, 2013

Ask your angles to help you release any toxic energy that you may have absorbed, or are holding in your energy field. Ask Archangel Raphael to work with you, supporting your healing and your healing work.
Many of you are empathic and oftentimes the challenges and problems that you are feeling are because you are carrying the energy of others in your auric field. You are not sure where you leave off and they begin. This can be troublesome on an earth that is changing so much as it is. It is therefore important for you to regularly clear yourself and your field. This will not only help you feel better, less emotional or even less anger, it will help you know what is yours to be working on and getting the chance to work on your things.
Setting boundaries with others can be challenging, especially if they are used to you being the wizard that gets things going right in their world and this is typical of those who are sensitive to the energy around them.  It is your gift to empower others to find their own path and frees up so much more for you. It is not always easy at first as they are used to you fixing their worlds.  Give them the tools for each of them to use themselves.
It is important to find balance in your thoughts as this world helps you create in ways you cannot imagine until you begin to utilize its power. It is important to be in your passion and keep your focus, however if your thoughts are not in alignment with your hopes, dreams and actions, they will not manifest in the way you know they can. Keep your vision and share it with others. Celebrate each step and moments worthy of celebration as this too is creative energy. Having a little more fun is the gift of the journey. Balancing the emotions with the thought world and you will be creating even faster, finer and better than you can imagine.
You are ready! You have the resources and the tools and you know how to use them. It is important now to put them into action on a daily basis, not just in those times of great challenge. You are on the right path and heading in the right direction, of that you can be sure. Doing the work reaps the rewards and recognition that you seek, and you have the ability to manifest whatever you need when you need it. Honour your commitments and be your honourable, kind and dedicated self in all of your projects and choose the ones that feed your heart, your head and your soul. Leave the rest for those who have that passion.
When you are clear of others energies and can work on your own stuff, you might find it a bit different that doing it for others. Tackle your projects with organization, logic, structure and self-discipline and you will get the hang of it for yourself.  This is an exciting new endeavour and it is an important part of your spiritual growth.  When you have a chance to work on your own stuff, you begin making quantum leaps forward and see the results in your own life transforming into so much more. 
As you do this every day, you will find that you are stronger and more able to take on your world. You are expanding into your authentic self and things begin to change in ways you have always dreamed. As you take your own power and step forward with spiritual confidence of knowing you are on the right path, you attract new contracts and partnerships that are based in new light. Expect things to get better and they will.
Remember to see love in all that you do. See the bigger picture of all that is. When you feel clear and balanced with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, life is indeed more magical. You live your life in a state of grace, contentment, peace and abundance. You know that you can always create a happy life or path for yourself and that you will have success in all of your projects.
Meditation holds the key. Taking time to connect with spirit, with nature and all that Is provides you with the answers that you so often seek and there is a fountain of knowledge available within you when you regularly connect with you wise center. Trust that the answers you seek are available to you always and know that when you ask and are open to receive, it cannot help but come to you when you completely believe.
Utilize the power of your visions with the power of your thoughts and words, feel the completeness of your visions and when they all work together, you are the magic co-creator in your world.
Imagine in your mind’s eye that there is a vortex of energy beginning to form into a whirlwind of energy above you and as it picks up speed, it begins to expand to encompass your entire auric field and encompasses all of you.  See it begin to slowly sweep around you and spin through you as it sweeps away any toxic energy, or energy of others from your field. If your energy field is way out beyond your physical body, bring it closer to you and suck it in until it is a few inches away from you and begin again.
Ask Archangel Metatron to join in and use his metatronic cube and send it swirling through your chakras clearing you from crown to root. Feel the spinning cube as it cleanses each chakra from within and releases and replaces any area that needs healing and let it do its work.
Once again, create the spinning vortex of energy above you, and let it form a vortex all around you and sweep through your energy field from crown to root and swirl into the earth beneath you cleansing you through to feet and the chakra’s beneath your feet and feeding that energy to the mother earth to utilize. And let the energy of spiritual fire clear you.
Ask archangel Raphael to transmit his emerald green ray of light to clear and heal any discordant energy you are carrying for yourself and as this happens pay attention to the thoughts and feelings you receive on how best to heal and see and understand the root cause of this situation or what has caused you feel less than and solutions to complete and heal any tasks at hand.
And then when you are done, ask Archangel Michael to encircle your energy field in a screen of light that allows for you to receive beneficial energy and the flow of your energy of love out to others.
Try this daily for 2 weeks and see the results in your ability to keep your energy higher and more focused when you are consciously clearing out the energy of others and better able to deal with your own.
Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon  Taphorn
All rights reserved.

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