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Shielding Yourself with Archangel Michael

Using shields can help you accomplish much, as it helps you to work in the denser energy of 3D thoughts and feelings. Use shields to help yourself keep your energy even and balanced and not affected as much by those of others. Use shields to help you cope in heavy, dense or lower energy fields and situations.
In order to be more effective in you projects, and less effected by the thoughts, feelings and actions of others, use shields of light to keep yourself feeling balanced and focus and protected from unwanted energy. Shields are easy to use and practical. Visualize yourself surrounded in orbs or layers of light, or, if you are not visual, repeat and trust by remembering something from your past related to that colour. For example, green for healing, remember or look at grass or the trees, for blue, remember the ocean.  Use pictures and memories and let them help you and trust that you are surrounded by that light. 
If you begin to feel drained or depleted, then you know that it is time to cleanse and reapply the orbs of light. As you get better at doing this and use it every day it will quickly become a part of your regular practice and you will find you able to get more done and enjoy the process in new ways and enhance all aspects of your life.
Those who are sensitive to energy, and most of you are, especially if you are hearing or reading these words, will find that as you undergo spiritual growth and an enhancement of your senses, you go through an emotional awakening. This is not always a fun experience for those in physicality as being flooded with emotions can be overwhelming, especially for those that have repressed it for so long, and have the illusion of being trapped in overwhelm should they allow for these emotions to surface. You will eventually have to deal with these thoughts and feelings and get them in alignment at some point, so, if it is particularly difficult for you; find yourself a good a good healer or spiritual counselor or teaching that can help guide you through the process of mastering the realm of emotions. Do this for yourself as it will bring you a magnificent rebirth into your true and authentic self.
You are ready for this next phase in your development and you have the tools, the resources and the ability to use the energy around you to help you manifest your desires. It is important that you clearly decide what that picture looks like so that your guides and angels can help you line up the situations and circumstances to help you accomplish those desires. Have patience with yourself, the process and timing. Make your plans and goals and know and trust that it will happen and that you are safe and protected throughout your earthly experience. It is good to work on trust as when you know, without a doubt, life becomes more magical. Ask your angels to help you anytime you are unsure or feel doubt creeping into your thoughts. Use the affirmations you desire to help you shift you thoughts and feelings back to knowing and to love. Meditation of course is an invaluable tool to the spiritual aspirant and we encourage it daily.
As you master your emotional and mental healing and awakening to grander aspects of the world of thoughts and feelings, it ends many previously difficult situations and is like discovering a new world. A world where your emotional and material needs are met, your relationships just seem to work on a new level of trust and emotion as well as a newborn love of life. As you learn to trust in these senses and use them, your powers of discernment and insight are enhanced. Your life is filled with rewards and riches beyond your current belief or understanding. It is a truly wonderful voyage to a new world.
As you become proficient with your world of thoughts and feelings, shields will help you be in the energy of others in a way you had not thought possible. You become unaffected by the thoughts and feelings of others and by this action alone, you are helping them to see that there is another way of being. You become a peaceful being of light regardless of the energy around you and those that are ready will be attracted to your light. The key is mastering the thoughts and emotions for yourself and releasing any fears that have held you back.
Becoming that calm, quiet, and peaceful center, surrounded by your shields of light, feel the healing it brings to you and just be in that energy, just be in that light. Let it penetrate all of your beingness and each cell and each cell within each cell. As you reinforce each layer of light that surrounds you and feel strong and rejuvenated once again, you are now ready to embark on the rest of day. If you feel yourself becoming tired or energy depleted, reapply the shields and you will feel better and more able to accomplish your tasks.
You can either say the colour that is meaningful to you to add your shields of light or you can say the word of the desired result of protection or purpose you wish for the shield. For example, if you wished to feel loved, you say to “add a layer of light of love and let it surround me”. You can visualize an orb of pink or green filled with flecks of gold. It matters that you do it and trust that it is so not so much the how’s and drift off into the energy of doubt.
Here are some examples of shields and the colours that can represent them:
  • White light is associated with purity, protection and light. Ask yourself what you feel when you think of white light and let that be your guide when using a cloak or orb of white light.
  • A red light symbolizes to stop in your current world of time and space, and also represents the colour of your root chakra and your base needs. Red also helps you feel empowered and represent energy and fire in the practice of “feng shui”. With so many choices, it is up to you to choose what it can represent at the moment you are invoking it as truly it is your intent, belief, and understanding that govern the results you will receive.
  • Red and blue together I use to represent my light, and together they make purple and offer you the gamut of my services when I encircle you in my light.
  • The healing light of Archangel Raphael is a brilliant shade of emerald green,  yet can symbolize and ignite growth, therefore do not always stipulate how the healing should occur, let the natural wisdom of the universe and your angels to provide exactly what is needed to support that light and it will be so. Healers detach from the final outcome and know that every journey is honoured and is right, it is your responsibility to share love, share light and trust that there is always grander opportunities awaiting each ahead.
  • Gold is the light and love of the Creator Essences, the energy of god light in whatever form you choose. This can always be used if you are unsure what is best to do. Using Creator Love/Light is always beneficial for everyone and all. Offer no other agenda in your healing work than to spread thoughts of love and empowerment for all that you meet and you will truly be a messenger of Creator Love and Light and servant to all of humankind.
  • Blue, white and gold are colours often used by Archangel Gabriel and his league of helping angels to help you communicate more effectively and in love as this is the energy of which the strongest messages are conveyed and what the other bodies are attuned to the most.
  • Purple, red and gold represent Archangel Uriel’s light, and offer you enlightment, wisdom and knowledge of the most high. He is the keeper of hidden knowledge, who can reveal to you the mysteries of the Universe, along with Archangel Raziel, they will teach to you the magic of alchemy, the secrets of the Magi, to create in the classrooms of life. Ask for them to activate the love within you so that your soul can ascend to a higher level of being.
Q: Why should I spend time with someone I don’t like (from a previous message)?
A: What a beautiful question and we thank you. When someone invokes a response from you that is anything less than love within yourself, then there is something for you to learn about yourself or your journey there. It is a way for you to expand you own growth and light by moving beyond to a place of either feeling love or perhaps nothing at all about that person, place or thing. These feelings or thoughts that they invoke have something to teach about your journey. When you are no longer affected by this, that is how you know you have completed the cycle, and you have mastered what this lesson is and you know you are ready to move on to something more.

Love and Blessings from Sharon and Archangel Michael
Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank,Taka, Grazie, Спасибо,Toda, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran, Děkuji, Kiitos, Tack, Danke, ありがとう
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