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Elevating your Spiritual Frequency with Archangel Raphael and Master Hilarion

Elevating your Spiritual Frequency with Archangel Raphael and Master  Hilarion thru Sharon Taphorn

These past few months have been a time of tremendous spiritual growth on the earth plane and many of you have raised and are currently raising your spiritual frequency. Sometimes when this happens you need allow your physical body time to catch up with the other yous’. This can be challenging especially if you are not used to taking care of yourself from the perspective of the four bodies, the mental, emotional, spiritual or etheric you and of course the physical, being the densest, takes the longest to assimilate.  Be gentle, kind and patient with yourselves as you are with those you love or care for, as it is a process that is unfolding.

Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water blessed with love to ensure it is at its highest vibration and eat fresh fruits and vegetables, organic if possible as these are filled with the life force energy that you require to raise your vibrations and assimilate the new levels that are available on a broad scale. Also of course, meditation and being in nature will not only help you raise your frequency; it helps you to process through and shed what no longer serves this new you.  Ask Archangel Raphael to help you heal any physical symptoms and to overlight your process.

As you raise your frequency and adjust to this new level, you will find you are wanting something more challenging for yourself and your growth. Call upon Master Hilarion to be your guide to the spiritual, emotional and mental connection and understanding. As a master guide who has had many earth lives, he offers great wisdom and understanding of the process of awakening. When the student is ready, the master will come.

During this unfolding process of raising your frequency, your energy field, heart energy and emotional awakening take on a new level.  Those who are awakening or well into this process will see your light and you will naturally draw to you those who are on a similar path and also those who are following as they can feel who you are becoming and you become their teacher. Ask your angels to help with this and to also keep a positive perspective as you become more sensitive to the energy around you.  You are truly ready or you would not be sensing, feeling and evolving as you are. Trust in your abilities and know that you have the resources at your disposal to bring about the changes you seek.

Have patience with yourselves and others. It is not always easy to be in your truth as well as trust that things are as they should be, especially when you look around and feel like the world has gone mad. Those of a lower frequency or without a connection to Source do not always handle these vibrations well and it can seem like insanity is happening all around you.  These are the times when it is important to shield yourself as well as keep your focus positive. These are the signs of growth which is not always comfortable for those who live in the fear based – power over energy of eons past. This is a rebalancing of your earth plane and it is adjusting to these new frequencies.  Gather with others of like mind and spirit as much as you can to lend a positive, optimistic outlook and lend your energy to peace on earth and goodwill toward your fellow humans.

As you find that balance for yourselves, you will find that you are creating the new world that so many of you know and long for within your hearts. Trust that all of this is leading others to that point where they will no longer accept blindly the words and thoughts of others and will become the students of this new level of being that many of you are at or currently striving to. Have faith and confidence in yourselves, the human angels and the lightworkers as you are having great influence and effect on the mass consciousness as you strive to live your life in a better way. Like the pebble in the brook or the hundredth monkey analogy, you affect great change by being and focusing upon yourself and this spiritual unfolding that is taking place for you now.  What the lightworkers are doing by concentrating on their own journey is expanding themselves, and all that is. Your change affects everyone you, whether you are conscious of this or not.

Take the time to fall in love with yourselves, and your journey. Know that this upheaval signals the end of a phase or the beginning of a whole new one as you experience this spiritual transformation. It is time to discover a new path, a new way of being and living for the human and it is a grand sight for those of us who watch so intently as you expand your relationships with your selves, your life and the universe.  Know that you are safe and protected from all types of harm. Avoid those whose focus are on keeping you in fear or sadness and let your hearts heal. Offer forgiveness for yourself and others. See things from the higher perspective of spirit and you will understand there is so much more going on the meets the eye.  Ask your angels to help you relax and feel safe as it is truly time for the inhabitants of earth to move on to these higher, finer frequencies of light.

You are indeed on a path to enlightenment, to a vibration and frequency that allows for a shorter lag time in you creating the hopes and dreams that you hold in your heart.  Keep alive in your heart the joy, contentment, and gratitude for this unfolding journey and know that you are doing a fantastic job of processing through all this muck and mire as find that place of higher light. You are exactly where you need to be to accomplish the goals and plans that you made so very long ago and to that  we say, good job, welcome home, you are nearly there and you are important part of creating this new world and we thank you for the parts you play for they are grand indeed! 

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank,Taka, Grazie, Спасибо,Toda, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran, Děkuji, Kiitos, Tack, Danke, ありがとう

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
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