Friday, July 31, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Your clear decree about your intentions led to miracles."

You have the power to heal and alter the course of any situation. It's time for you to take charge and assume a leadership position. First decide what you want. Be clear about the conditions that are acceptable or unacceptable to you. The universe responds when you're clear about your aims and intentions. Know that you are supported by the Angels.

Talk openly and honestly about your feelings. Make a decision instead of passively waiting. Give yourself permission to do what you feel is right. Don't wait; take action now. Be your own authority figure.

with love, the Angels

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"It's important to only think about what you desire, not what you fear."

It is extra important to monitor your thoughts. You have no neutral thoughts and every one of them creates an effect in your life. So you're being asked to be vigilant in holding only positive thoughts.

Most of us slip into negativity occasionally, and you may be no exception. However, you can "undo" the effects of negative thinking by recognizing them, and stating: "I now cancel that thought, and replace it with the following positive affirmation of my true Divine desires." Then list the situations and attributes that mirror your godliness and goddessliness. During this important part of your life, you have the power to manifest your highest potential at the most rapid rate possible.

with love, your Angels

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Know that you deserve peace and happiness and accept it graciously."

A new harmony is dawning. You are a peace-lover at heart. Let go of viewing any situation as troubled, and see yourself and others through the eyes of your guardian Angels. In this way, you'll look past the surface and see the beauty and light that eternally shines within everyone.

By shifting your viewpoint to the angelic perspective, you become an Earth Angel. Holding an elevated viewpoint sparks miraculous healings in all of your relationships. Conflict drops away, revealing the clean and new truth about everyone and everything.

Affirm often: "I now accept good graciously into my life."

with love, the Angels

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"All situations can be healed gently and with love, yet there's also a need for your strength and truthfulness with others. We stand right behind you as you speak you truth, giving you strength and guiding your words."

Any situation can be rectified if you clearly communicate your needs and expectations to others, and to do so with love. It is possible to be both angelic and assertive if you call upon the Angels for courage and guidance whenever you intend to speak your truth. With practice, loving assertiveness becomes easier.

Face any situation directly. Take a course or read a book on non-violent communication and/or self empowerment. Replace aggressive or passive-aggressive behaviour with assertiveness. Handle conflict with honesty and love. Tell the truth to yourself and others. Look at the situation as an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

with love, the Angels

Monday, July 27, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Life changes brings you great blessings"

Although you may feel as if you life is upside-down right now, everything that's occurring is for the best. Changes in your life are actually helping you leave behind that which no longer serves you. Your spiritual purpose with the old situations is now complete. You're urged to stay centered in grace and acceptance. Keep affirming: "I welcome Divinely inspired change, and I stay centered in the eye of the hurricane as change occurs around and within me. All change is for my highest good. I know that love is stable and always provides for me and my loved ones-no matter what our outer situations appear to be."

Change ushers in fresh opportunities to learn, grow, prosper, and create new relationships. The key is to keep breathing and enjoy the changes, even if they're intimidating. If the Universe pushes you toward new responsibilities, know that you're qualified in our eyes.

love the Angels

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Eat a healthful diet, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly for optimal health."

You are co-creating your health by following your inner guidance about lifestyle habits. I give you inner nudges to improve the way you eat, or to exercise or rest more often. My prodding isn't to nag you or rob you of pleasure. Rather, my urgings are in response to your prayers for higher energy levels, increase well-being, weight loss, and a happier mood. When you take excellent care of your body, your outlook and self-esteem naturally blossom.

Working with Archangel Raphael: Raphael is Heaven's physician, and he prescribes preventive and curative medicine in the form of Divine intervention and guidance. In the former, he swoops into the situation and surrounds it with his emerald-green healing light and love-and the situation is instantly healed. But in the latter (which is actually more common), Raphael will give you intuition and hunches showing how you can help with the healing.

it is my pleasure to serve you, Archangel Raphael

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"This is a magical time. Make a wish and enjoy its manifestation."

Say an affirmative prayer right now, which means stating your desire as if it were already true. Thank the Universe for this reality, and feel in your heart and soul that your dream is actually a reality. For example, say, "Thank you for [whatever you desire]. I'm truly grateful for your continued support."

Now is a magical moment. Go into a quiet space-even if it's just for a moment. Close your eyes, and imagine that your wish has come true. Feel it with your entire being. Then, express thanks for this gift, and release it like a helium balloon that goes straight to Heaven. If you need to take action to co-create this wish, you'll be given strong and repetitive guidance in the form of feelings, thoughts, ideas, inner words, signs, visions, or dreams. It's important that you follow this guidance in order to bring the wish into physical form.

with love, the Angels

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Look past the surface personality and see the Divine within others. Forgive past hurts and start anew."

See yourself through the eyes of any person you desire to know or meet. Let go of any defensiveness in your relationships. We can have strong emotions about people and situations, sometimes feeling upset, misunderstood or used. This message comes to you as a pathway of peace by asking you to consider others' points of view. You don't need to agree with these other individuals; you're simply asked to understand their motivations and to have compassion for their feelings. This process can positively shift the energy of power struggles, much like letting go of a rope during a tug-of-war. As you see the other person's point of view, you open the door for creative solutions to enter.

with love, The Angels

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Now is the time to cultivate our relationships with our families. Be sure to surrender and release relationships and add love. In your mind and heart, surround people, yourself and any experience with calming blue light and many Angels."

The Angels know how important our family relationships are. Those who surround us are our family, our soul family, and each one agreed to be here now to assist you in becoming more love. Spend more time with family togetherness. Do healing work with a particular family member. The Angels will guide you through this passage.

It is time to face old feelings so they can be released and cleared. Release any unwanted pattern by forgiving one or more family memebers including yourself and enjoy the freedom letting go of the past brings you.

with love, the Angels

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"You're a powerful healer, keep up the good work."

Deep within your heart, you're aware of your healing abilities. Perhaps you've received feedback from others about the way that your words or touch have helped them heal. The Angels urge you to take your healing work to the next level. You're also asked to purify your diet and thoughts so that higher frequencies of healing energy can flow through you.

By opening to the next level, you'll notice a shift in the people or situations that come to your for help. You may find the number of healing opportunities increasing, or your clients may display a greater understanding of spirituality.

The Angels wish to support your healing work completely. If you'd like to further your education work in a healing center, or increase your education, work in a healing center, or increase your income, just ask...and then be open to receiving.

Affirm often: "I am an open conduit of Love. My heart is open for healing."

with love, The Angels

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Spend some time alone in quiet thought. Clear your mind, and focus on your truth and priorities."

Are you pushing yourself too hard? The Angels remind us that rest is a natural cycle in every living thing.Think of the mighty oak tree that grow in spurts and then rests. It draws its nourishment from deep within the earth, and takes its time before growing upwards again. Like the oak tree, it's important for you to nourish yourself with spiritual and emotional 'Food'.

While you are resting, take time to reflect on your heart's true feelings and desires. Your angels speak to you through your heart, and when you listen to and honour your feelings, you walk hand in hand with the Angels. You will know that it is true Divine guidance, and not just your imagination or wishful thinking if it speaks to your desire to make a difference in the world.

we love you dearly, the Angels

Monday, July 20, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Now is the perfect moment for you to act on your inspirations. The doors are ope, while you walk through them with us by your side."

Don't delay or procrastinate, as all of the ingredients are ripe for your success. Everything and everyone is on your side, supporting your positive outcome.

Now is the time to take the steps so that your prayer can be fully answered. The Angels say that now is the perfect time to act. They will guide you along the way. Sometimes it's not so important how we approach a situation, but that we put energy, action and intention into manifesting what we desire. Once we take the first step in the direction of our desired outcome, the universe then gives us additional help.

Take action now. Make a decision. Any blocks in the past were because the timing wasn't yet right.

love the Angels

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Now is the time to work on relationships, twin flames is the deepest form of romantic love. This love energy can be used by all to enhance any relationship."

To form such a partnership, you must follow your inner guidance, learn personal-growth lessons, and have patience with Divine timing. Once twin flames find each other, everything in their life reaches new heights of love and light.

You can soon attract your twin flame. Keep your heart open, stay positive, and follow your guidance to manifest your prayers about your love life.

Working with Aengus: Aengus is a Celtic god who helps soul mates and twin flames meet and enjoy harmonious relationships. (A twin flame is an even closer and more eternal version of a soul-mate relationship.) He helps lovers resolve arguments with his magical harp music and healing kisses. When Aengus first saw a beautiful maiden named Caer, he fell deeply in love. Aengus followed Caer until he found her bound to swans by silver chains. Aengus transformed himself into a swan so that he'd be forever bound to his twin flame. Call upon Aengus to meet your soul-mate or twin flame, to deepen existing relationships, and to resolve quarrels in love relationships.

with love, Aengus

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Now is the perfect timing for you to act on your inspirations, you have the ability to turn your projects into 'gold'. The doors are open, walk through them with us by your side."

You're on a roll, the energy of heightened success surrounds you. You can quickly manifest your thoughts and ideas now, so choose them carefully! Just as you're capable of manifesting masterpieces right now, you're also able to manifest problems. The good news is that you can also undo any manifestation that you're unhappy about.

An alchemist is someone who turns base mental into precious gold or silver. You have the ability to take ordinary projects and make them come alive with meaning, blessings, and abundance for everyone involved. And that also refers to thoughts and attitudes that no longer serve your highest good. Now is the time to transform any thoughts and feelings that don't feel good into 'gold'. Ask the Angels to assist you with any transformations you want to make in your life.

Affirm frequently: "Thank you for helping me focus my thoughts completely on joy and the desire to be connected to Divine Love. I am so grateful that all of my needs are carefully addressed."

with love, The Angels

Friday, July 17, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"You've given a lot of yourself lately, and now it's time to give something to yourself. The Angels want you to nurture yourself."

This means taking good care of your body through sleep, detoxification, and exercise. It also means taking care of your needs as you would for others. To have more energy, abundance, peace, purpose, and everything that you desire, nurture yourself.

Balance giving to others with receiving for yourself. Honour your inner voice. Get some rest. Take care of your physical body. Nurture you inner child. Nurture your soul self. Love yourself.

Love your Angels

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Spend time alone, meditating upon what you truly desire."

The Angels recommend that you spend some time alone with them. Make a firm appointment to be by yourself in a quiet place (ideally, outside in nature or near some plants) without delay.Make sure that you'll be uninterrupted for a least on hour. Take a pad of paper and a pen with you.

Then spend some time simply breathing, relaxing, and centering yourself. After you're completely relaxed, write down this question to your subconscious mind on your pad of paper: "What do I want to do next?" Write whatever comes to you in response, without worrying whether it's 'correct' or not. Then, ask your subconscious: "What's my heart's true desire right now?" Write down the answer. Spend time noting your true priorities so that you'll know how to structure your free time to match what's important to you.

with love, the Angels

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"We acknowledge you for the progress you've made in remembering love in your daily activities. We can clearly see the contribution you're making to the world through your thoughts, feelings, and actions of Love."

The Angels wish to reassure you that you are making progress. You sometimes may harshly compare yourself to others, and feel that you should be farther ahead on your path by now. Yet look how far you've come, how many lessons you've learned, and how many people you've helped! Focus on your progress, instead of expecting perfection from yourself. Each day, take at least one small action step concerning a project that you are passionate about.

You're on the right path, even if it feels that you're moving slowly. Praise the light instead of the curing the darkness. Appreciate yourself!

we love you dearly, your Angels

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Your guides and Angels are talking with you -- are you listening?"

You can hear your Divine guidance best by quieting yourself and listening. Shut out noisy stimulation like telephones and televisions, and relax in a quiet place. Don't try to make anything happen. Just listen to your own thoughts, breath, and rhythm of your heart. Then mentally ask questions of your guides and Angels. Listen to the loving truth that they speak in your heart, body, and mind. Listen to your own inner truths. Trust your intuition and take action accordingly.

Less talking and more listening are what is required right now. Have a quiet retreat. Admit your true feelings to yourself. Listen to what messages any aches or pains are trying to tell you (the body always talks to those who listen).

Affirm often: "My connection with my guides and angels become stronger and stronger. I am clearly receiving and understanding the messages from my spirit self."

with love, Your guides and angels

Monday, July 13, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Spending time alone in nature is important for you. Even five minutes in a garden would be healing for you right now."

The Angels ask you to interact with nature more often, everyday if possible. You may also be happier living in a more rural setting. If you have thought about moving away from city life, consider this message additional validation. Also, you may be encouraged to choose an occupation involving plants or animals. For instance, you may enjoy gardening, nursery or veterinary work, pet-sitting, or delving into the world of animal communication.

Your Angels, and the nature angels, are helping you discover and give your gifts to the world. Help them to help you by spending more time in nature.

with love, the Angels

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Remember to stay focused upon your intentions, desires and priorities. Don't allow yourself to be distracted by short-term situations, dramas, or other people's demands."

Keep a positive outlook about your dreams, and imagine that they've already manifested into reality. Devote regular amounts of time toward your projects and priorities. Say no to distractions and you will see results.

Be assertive with demands on your time. Keep your promises to yourself. Commit to your priorities. Spend time each day devoted to projects that are dear to your heart. Detoxify your diet to help you mind to be clear and focused.

Working with Kuthumi:
(sometimes called Koot Hoomi) was a Sikh spiritual leader named Sidar Thakar Singh Sadhanwali who lived in India during the 1800s. Madame Blavatsky, a founder of Theosophy, met Kuthumi during his lifetime, and later channeled his messages after his death. Some New Age teachers believe that Kuthumi was St. Francis and Pythagoras in previous lifetimes. Call upon Kuthumi for motivation, and focus upon priorities and Divine life purpose.

It is my honour to serve humankind, call upon me to assist your earthy journey, Kuthumi

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Believe in yourself, and trust that the Angels are with you now. Ask them to assist you to lose the fears that block you from enjoying full faith."

Your Angels know that you've been disappointed in the past. These experiences may have eroded your trust in yourself, other people or even the Creator. However, the Angels remind you of the importance of holding on to your trust.

The Angels emphasize the value of self-trust. They know that you, like everyone, have made what we have deemed mistakes in the past. However, these mistakes have not eroded your true nature. You still have omnipresent Creator energy within you, and that is the most perfect energy. The Angels ask you to trust in yourself, trust in them, for we will help you learn to trust yourself once again.

with love, the Angels

Friday, July 10, 2009

Angel Card of the Day

All is Well

"Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to, with hidden blessings you will soon understand."

Sometimes, what appears to be a problem is actually an answered prayer in disguise. When we ask for help, the Angels dismantle the old to make room for the new. During this time of change, practice relaxation methods such as yoga, deep breathing, exercise and meditation. Ask the Angels to make your transitions smooth and harmonious for everyone involved. And know that this change is for the better!

Affirm often: I live in the moment. This moment is fabulous! Now is my world.

with love, the Angels

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Your dreams are coming true. Don't quit right before the miracle occurs!"

This is it - your time has come! You're about to collect your rewards, and your prayers will be answered. However, a bit more patience and guided action on your part is required. The extra wait and effort are definitely worth it. You're just about there, and the Angels remind you to keep trusting miracles and angelic magic.

Use your imagination to visualize that your dreams have already come true. Your heart will well with gratitude and joy, and these emotions will speed up your desired manifestations. Before log, you'll be enjoying the tangible results.

Affirm often:" I am worthy and I am always in the right place at the right time, I feel love and am tuned into my internal guidance!"

with love, the Angels

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Love is the heat of the matter. Your heart is the center within you physical being attuned most to love. It's safe for you to love and be loved with an open heart, as we stand by with perfection protection and guidance."

The Angels gave us this message because the answer to your questions lays within your heart. The more that you open your heart, the more love, joy, and peace you'll feel. You can open your heart chakra by asking the Angels to send their healing energy, by visualizing your heart surrounded by pink light, by inhaling the fragrance of a rose, by holding or wearing rose quartz crystals, and by focusing on love.

Send love to your heart chakra and it will then be shared with the world

with love, the Angels

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


" You are more powerful than you realize. It's safe for you to be powerful."

Your inner power wants to surface. You'll use this power appropriately, and you're incapable of abusing it. Your true friends, and people who really love you, will be happy that you've taken your power back.

Empowerment means that you're no longer will to see yourself as a victim in any way. It means letting go of all blame with respect to other people, past conditions, or present circumstances. Know that you can be powerful and gentle simultaneously - and still be very effective.

Affirm frequently:

"It's safe for me to be powerful! I accept my power to be used in the service of Light and Love."

Then enjoy the shifts you see around you. Instead of worrying what others think about you, use your power to make the world a better place. You may never feel self-conscious again!

we love that powerful new you emerging...your Angels

Monday, July 6, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"You are moving into a time of greater inner peace and tranquility."

Peace of mind means feeling secure, and knowing that you're always provided for. Even if your logical mind cannot fathom how a challenge could be resolved, peace of mind means that you trust that the Creator and the Angels will create a miraculous solution. This sort of trust is always warranted because trust is a key component in experiencing such miracles.

The Angels want to reassure you that peace of mind is within you. You can feel serene, even in the midst of great turmoil. It's misleading to think that you have to wait until you life is problem free before you can be happy and peaceful. The opposite is true. First, you work toward serenity, and then you life challenge lessen and disappear. Serenity is your natural state of mind, and the Angels are now working with you to actualize this.

we love you, your Angels

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Take inventory of your life, and resolve to change or heal anything that is unbalanced."

It takes courage to look at your life. Yet, if done with compassion and a sense of humour, you'll grow and learn from a life review. I'll help you take stock of where you've been. We'll look at what you've learned, and how these lessons are valuable assets for today and tomorrow. We'll also notice life patterns that aren't serving your highest good, and we'll take steps to release those patterns.

Working with Archangel Jeremiel:
One of Jeremiel's purposes is to help newly crossed-over souls review their lives. He also helps those who are still living to make life reviews. Take time soon to be alone, and ask Jeremiel to help you review where you've been, what you've learned, what patterns you're ready to release, and what you're grateful for in you life.

with love, Jeremiel

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"You've been giving a lot of yourself lately, and it's time for you to receive. Make the time to reward yourself in a meaningful way. This balance of giving and receiving is essential to keeping your energy, mood, and motivation at a consistently high level."

It is time to reward yourself. Everyone needs rewards, and you're no exception. A treat will boost your energy, mood and motivation. Invest in yourself and make time for self-care today. Give yourself a much desired item, trip, or service, and notice how your inner child blooms with joy from this loving attention.

Take the day off from work today. Go on a picnic. Splurge on a treat for yourself. Balance giving with receiving. Make sure that you're allowing yourself to receive. Appreciate all that you've done.

with love...the Angels

Friday, July 3, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Miracles are occurring all around you right now. Begin to notice them, and you will experience even more miracles."

The Angels saying, "Expect a miracle". Perhaps you feel that you need one right now as you can't see another way to a solution. Be open to allowing the Creator and the Angels to help you resolve your challenges in ways that will surprise you. You open the door for miracles when you become willing to surrender your fears. Visualize the Angels carrying away the issue, and feel yourself supported by God's wisdom and creativity. As you relax into the Source, you are assured that blessings are surrounding you right now. Be open to a miracle coming your way.

many blessings, the Angels

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Feeling stuck or indecisive? Listen to your intuition and make a decision!"

Sometime life feels as if it's at an impasse while we await the next intention. The Angels ask, "What do you want?" The universe wants us to be the decision maker, and now is the time to start intentionally creating in your life.

Instead of passively allowing life to push you around like a canoe without oars, you're counseled to take charge and set your own course. Know that the Angels will give you all of the resources you need to pull yourself out of any situation, as long as you make a firm and clear decision.

Your decisiveness is the catalyst for us to clear the way for your manifestation. Let go of all fears or worries, and focus only on the destination you intend to reach. Enjoy the journey along the way!

with love, The Angels

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"You are guided to be very honest with yourself, and to be true to yourself in all of your activities and actions."

The Angels say to you, "Let go of anything inauthentic, and all activities that do not mirror your highest intentions for yourself." If something in your life isn't working, be willing to release it.

When we open our hands and release unhealthful situations, the Divine light can enter. Miracles always follow when we surrender troubling conditions. You'll find that the job, relationship, health issue, or other circumstance heals rapidly in ways that you could never have imagined. All along the way, the Angels will perfectly guide you to actions that will either help you replace the situation with something better, or heal it entirely. Expect a miracle when you decide to 'be true to you.'

Affirm daily: "Each day I able to hold more light and love in my heart."

with love, The Angels