Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Your Angel guidance is to examine yourself and your current situations in depth so that you have a clear awareness of the underlying reasons for your challenges and situations."

Acquaint yourself with facts about situations and attitudes before you make decisions.

Self awareness is a necessary foundation on which to build strong relationships, friendships and work.

Understanding your personality is a basis for understanding your spiritual self and your mission on Earth. Ask your angels to help you.

Affirm often: "I seek an understanding of myself and my life."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"New abundance and exciting opportunities wash over you now."

New waves of abundance are sweeping over you right now. Observe any idea that enter your mind at this time, as they may be seeds of a profitable new venture. Also notice any out-of-the-blue phone calls or 'chance' meetings with people who could help you.

You are on a successful streak. This is an excellent time to begin new ventures (of course, follow your inner guidance and do appropriate research). You'll see that doors open easily for you and that you're filled with extra confidence and enthusiasm. Practice being a grateful recipient of good. Know that there's an ocean of abundance with no danger that it will dry up.

with love, The Angels

Monday, September 28, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"It is time for you to look for the joy, the delight and the wonder of every day and rejoice in it."

When we celebrate the passing events and transitions of life it is our way of giving thanks and the angels delight with us. Whenever possible celebrate with others., for then great energy is raised which attracts many angels drawn by the laughter and lightness, to add their blessings. It will bond you happily with others.

Angel wisdom reminds us to celebrate and honour all things large or small in your life.

Find something to celebrate now.

Affirm often: "My life is a celebration."

with love, the Angels

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"We Angels are opening the hearts of everyone. Arguments and conflicts are being resolved now."

Your prayers for personal peace have been answered, and you are to be commented for your role in ushering peace into your life. Visualize everyone involved (including yourself) being cooperative and open-minded, even if particular persons aren't usually this way. Trust the inner guidance you receive, and know that changes are sometimes uncomfortable yet often necessary. Ask me to help with any aspects of relationships that need healing. Know that all relationships ultimately have blessings, growth lessons, and love at their core, even if appearances seem otherwise. Stay focused upon this truth as much as possible.

with love, Raguel

Working with Archangel Raguel: Raguel's name means "Friend of God," and his principal role is to create harmony and order in relationships. He has the power to resolve disputes, and is often referred to as "The Archangel of Justice and Fairness." If you find yourself in a dispute, ask Raguel to act as mediator. He'll come up with a creative resolution in which everyone wins.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"You can change or heal a situation by elevating your thoughts to a more positive level."

You've attracted certain people or situations because they mirror your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. In the same way, people and situations that you once found desirable are now moving out of your life as you've shifted your energy through your spiritual path. "Like attracts like" means that everything and everyone that you draw into your life is similar to your thought patterns. If you want to change what or who you attract, hold more positive, loving, and joyful thoughts. The ascended masters and Angels can help you with this shift.

Your prayers and affirmations have attracted a wonderful new person or situation into your life. Visualize and affirm only what you desire.

with love, the Angels

Friday, September 25, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Laughter is a wonderful healer. It shakes out fear and leaves you feeling happier, clearer and more relaxed."

Remember that Angels fly because they take themselves lightly, so make light of difficulties and see the funny side of situations.

Laugh at yourself and with others. When you relax and laugh, your Angels drop in new suggestions and ideas which can transform difficulty into delight.

Laughter is sunshine which dissolves in the darkness, so be merry, joyous and filled with fun.

affirm often: "I see the humour in everything"

with love and laughter, the Angels

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Now is the opportunity to heal, grow, and release negative patterns."

Hold the intention of seeing the other person's inner Divine light and goodness. We will help you release unforgiving thoughts, feelings, and energies, and lift you to a higher place of peace and compassion.

The Angels see that you have grown weary of a recurring negative pattern in your life. To break this cycle, it's important for you to release old toxic thoughts about the current situation and relationship. You can do this by breathing deeply, and on each exhalation, giving your fears, worries, anger, and other painful emotions to the Angels. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you are condoning the other person's behaviour. It just means that you're unwilling to carry toxic feelings and thoughts about him or her. Release, be free, and experience positive patterns through forgiveness.

Avoid blaming yourself or others. As you release anger, a creative resolution to this situation will appear. Focus upon desires instead of fears and judgments.

with love, the Angels

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"It is time to set your sights higher."

If you are settling for the mediocre, aim for the superb. Stretch yourself to fulfill all your potential and hold might visions.

Find the wisdom within you which enables you to aspire to the great and glorious. Then expand your comfort zones so that you can explore your dreams.

The Angels guide you ever to settle for less than your incredible human spirit can achieve or deserves.

Ask for help from the Angels and they will guide and inspire you to raise your consciousness and live at a higher level.

Let your spirit soar and aim for the Divine.

Affirm often: I aspire to the great and glorious

with love, the Angels

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Fear not beloved one! Your prayers have been heard and answered."

All of your prayers are always answered. Sometimes you may not feel this way, because the answer comes in unexpected ways. Perhaps you received an intuitive feeling or a new opportunity appears - or a book falls off the shelf. The Angels answer our prayers very often by giving us ideas or information in these everyday ways.

The Angels request that you be extra observant. Notice everything that you hear, say, think, and feel. Be especially alert to help that comes to you, and be sure to accept the help. you do deserve this assistance, and many times we enlist humans to act as Earth Angels who bring you answers to your prayers.

You are dearly loved, the Angels

Monday, September 21, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Explore your creative potential now."

Creativity is an energy for adventure and change. It may herald a new idea, inspiration for a book, an artistic vision or a new project.

Let your imagination flow. If you do not know how to channel the force, you may feel restless or dispirited.

So ask your angel to help you to direct your creative energy towards something worthwhile. The Angel wisdom reminds you that you are a co-creator with the Divine.

Use your power with wisdom and joy.

Affirm often: "I enjoy my creative powers and use them for the highest good."

with love, your Angel

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"It's time for you to go, either away from a toxic situation or toward something desirable."

It is the right time to make your move. The conditions are ripe and perfect, and the universe is poised to support your move.

It may be a good time to quit your job. Leave a toxic relationship. Move to a new location or start a new project without delay. Take a vacation. No more excuses-just do it.

Serapis Bey is an Egyptian god of ascension and a bridge between Heaven and Earth. He's the ultimate life coach who motivates people to take good care of themselves physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Call upon Serapis Bey whenever you need additional energy and motivation to take action.

with love, Serapis Bey

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Look after yourself by acknowledging your desires and needs and by taking steps to meet them."

Examine and note your gifts, talents and achievements. When you accept all aspects of yourself, you feel centered and confident. Then you can genuinely acknowledge others.

Become aware of and nurture the good qualities of the people in your life so that they feel relaxed and happy in your presence.

Angel wisdom reminds you to recognize who you truly are - an evolved spirit in a human body. When you acknowledge your spiritual dimensions, you will align with your true self and your spirit will soar.

with love, the Angels

Friday, September 18, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"The Angels urge you to care for your physical body. You are asked to eat healthful foods, to exercise regularly, and to avoid toxins."

The Angels are asking you to pay attention to your physical body. Perhaps you resist this guidance, and the Angels have repeatedly come to you about this topic. They remind you that the body is an instrument that, when well tuned, emanates greater harmony. Your spirit is like the music of a grand piano, and the Angels ask you to maintain that piano.

Your Angels know that if you follow this guidance, you will feel terrific. Your increased energy and happiness is your reward for following the Angels suggestions. They will help you find the time and motivation to exercises. They will also help you lose your cravings for unhealthful substances. And, the Angels will help you enjoy the new-found pleasures that comes from purifying and maintaining your physical body.

with love, the Angels

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Devote time to your highest priorities, even if it means getting to bed earlier or later."

This is a wonderful time to work on projects that are near and dear to your heart. Even if you're confused about how to approach the project, or you fear whether you'll be able to accomplish your dreams, do it anyway. You'll feel elated by the time and energy you invest into your true priorities because your inner self will feel loved and well cared for. As you invest in your priorities, you're investing in yourself.

Let go of procrastination or perfectionism. Break your major goals into baby steps and take one step at a time. Revamp your schedule so that you devote regular time to your priorities. Be assertive in saying no to anything that diverts you from your path.

with love, the Angels

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Light illuminates darkness and gloom, bringing hope and inspiration"

Ask the Angels to fill you with more light, for it contains spiritual information and knowledge. These are keys to the Universe and bring love and peace, as well as unlocking the wisdom within you.

As your light becomes stronger and clearer, you will find clarity and purpose. You will radiate brightly and become a beacon, reminding others of the Divine help available.

Angel wisdom suggests you ask the Angels to ignite and strengthen the Divine flame within you.

Affirm often: "I am a Light."

Yours in the Light, the Angels

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Quiet your mind, and listen to our gentle reassurance that everything has been taken care of. "

Stay in a quiet and receptive state, without worrying about the exact nature of your desire's manifestation. A quiet mind and body hears us quickly and clearly. This is our request of you: Listen.

The Angels ask you to talk less and listen more. (When we're stressed, we tend to chatter our of nervousness.) Give your worries to the angels, and trust hat they've heard your prayers. If it seems they're not answering your prayers, it's probably because you're not listening to their answers. So, retreat to a quiet place with the intention of listening to your angels. Then close your eyes, breathe deeply... and listen.

with love, the Angels

Monday, September 14, 2009

Angel Wisdom


" Challenging people and situations are sent to you as your most important teachers. Without them your soul would not grow."

Your guidance is to let go of the hurt, resentment and anger of the past.

When you forgive others and yourself, your karma is rubbed out of your soul records. You will enjoy love in your heart and lightness of spirit.

Ask the Angels to help you dissolve your hurt, anger, and guilt. They will take your burdens from you. When you love unconditionally, there is nothing to forgive. Love is for giving, so open your heart and give love.

Affirm often: "I forgive myself and others - I am free."

we love you, the Angels

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Your Divine healing powers are awakening!"

As this power awakens, you may feel compelled to help others to heal. Just as you've been healing, so too do you want others to enjoy health and vitality. You're supported in making life changes so that you can continue to heal yourself and others. Let go of any fears or restrictive thinking to fully open the miracles of healing. Study some healing modalities.

Hilarion, aslo know as Saint Hilarion or Master Hilarion, was a 4th century Middle Easterner who became renowned for his successful healing work. Hilarion was beloved by both Christians and those who practiced the old religions. Much of his life and healing work was immortalized by Saint Jerome's writings, which describe Hilarion healing by commanding earthbound spirit attachements to leave. Call upon Hilarion for any issue involving healing or the clearing of energy.

I am here to assist you, Master Hilarion

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Find a quiet space for contemplation and look within. It is time to withdraw and review your life."

Taking time and space for yourself gives you an opportunity to recuperate from life's challenges, to reflect on the way ahead, strengthen yourself and prepare for the next phase of your life.

During times of introspection, you can become aware of your gifts, your inner reserve and your wisdom. It is a time for healing.

Still your mind and quieten your emotions. Ask for your angels wings to enfold you and provide you with a safe haven in which to relax. Then you can listen to the promptings of your angel inspiring and guiding you.

Affirm often: "I claim time and space for myself."

with love, the Angels

Friday, September 11, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"You already know what to do. Trust your intuition and take action accordingly."

The answers you seek lies within your heart. You can trust your heart's true desires, even if you can't clearly see how the outcome will appear or manifest. This is a situation where you're called upon to walk in faith and be true to yourself. The universe will ensure that your needs are met and will help with your relationships as you make life changes.

Your feelings are accurate and valid. You are guided to make important and happy life changes. You're receiving true divine guidance through your feelings and intuition, act on those feelings now.

with love, the Angels

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Life is a series of cycles and a time of rebirth is indicated at this time"

This may mean a new phase in a relationship, the germination of a fresh idea or the development of qualities in you like laughter, light or hope. It may herald a total change.

Do not be afraid to let go of the familiar, for the new cannot enter until the old and outworn had departed. Your Angel guidance is to accept the new for it will be welcome when it arrives.

Birth is a vulnerable time. The fragile life force needs to be protected and nurtured within you.

Ask the Angels to guide the new beginnings in your life safely to maturity.

Affirm often: I welcome and nurture the new in my life.

with love, The Angels

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Angel wisdom reminds you that a busy cluttered mind is a sick one and a still, clear mind is a divine one."

Allow the wisdom in your heart to radiate out and dissolve the chatter in your mind. Know that your Angels are awaiting to assist you with this task.

Sit quietly so that you can find the stillness within. Then you can shine pure, clear light into every area of your life.

In clarity of this light the Angels will reveal a new way of being. You will see things differently and be able to make decisions from strength and clarity.

Affirm often: "My mind is quiet, and still and clear."

Enjoy the energies of completion for 090909

with love, your Angels

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Meditation is very important for you right now. Enjoy practicing it often"

A quiet mind hears the voice of the Angels more easily. Your Angels are asking you to quiet your mind so that your angelic communications are loud and clear. First thing in the morning, spend at least five minutes with your eyes closed, and breathe deeply three or four times.

Ask your Angels a question, and then listen as intently as you would to a dear friend. Don't strain to listen, if you chase the answer, it will evade you. Instead, continue to breathe in and out deeply, and allow yourself to relax. Tell yourself that receiving angelic communication is natural for you, and that it is actually an everyday experience. The more you relax your mind, the easier it is for you to hear the answer.

with love, the Angels

Monday, September 7, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"You are being guided to invoke Archangel Michael to help protect and strengthen you."

He will increase your ability to deal with problems, so ask him to cut with his sward any emotional scars which bind you to people, stuck situations or past memories. Then ask him to fill you with strength and love.

He will shield you from the destructive thoughts, emotions and actions of others.

Archangel Michael works with the blue ray, giving strength and courage. Call for his help and visualize yourself wearing a deep-blue cloak, securely fastened. This will place you under his protection.

He is the master of all Angels, a great warrior spirit. Within his Light you will feel more secure, have more confidence, energy and power.

Affirm often: I am strong and protected by Archangel Michael.

with love, The Angels

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Choose the path of Peace"

As you think about your various options and possible outcomes, which brings the greatest feeling of peace to your body and mind? This is your answer.

Listen to your heart's truth. There is always a peaceful alternative to conflict. Your peacefulness elevates your energy and helps you to manifest your desires. Meditate and do yoga as a way of attaining inner peace.

Paramahansa Yogananda is the beloved author of Autobiography of a Yogi who popularized yoga and meditation in the West. Yogananda's books and teachings emphasize the oneness of all spiritual and religious paths, and focus upon developing a deep love connection with God. Call upon Yogananda for guidance on your own spiritual path, as well as help in developing your meditation and yoga practices.

with love, Yogananda

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Balance giving to others with receiving for yourself. Honour your inner voice. Take care of yourself"

You've given a lot of yourself lately, and now it is time to give something to yourself. It is time to nurture yourself. This means taking good care of your body through sleep, detoxification and exercise. It also means taking care of your needs as you would for others. To have more energy, abundance, peace, purpose, and everything that you desire, nurture yourself.

Nurture your inner child. Your live purpose could involve working with children, or assisting others to work with the child within. Call upon us Angels, we are with you and guiding you.

with love, the Angels

Friday, September 4, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"We are all presented with opportunities and are expected to flow with the currents that come our way."

The Angels suggest that something is now being made available to you and it is up to you to use it to your greatest advantage. Be alert, be aware and be prepared.

You can of course make your own opportunities. If you knock on enough doors, one will inevitably be opened to you.

So you are also reminded to persevere, for it may be that a door which was previously locked has now been opened a crack.

Quieten your mind and ask the Angels to help you.

Affirm often: "I am ready for all opportunities."

you are dearly loved, your Angels

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Decide clearly what you will and won't accept as your clarity will bring immediate results. Have steady faith in a positive outcome."

You have the power to resolve any situation. Tap into your magical abilities, which you've used successfully in the past. Pull these abilities out of storage and use them to work your magic now. Your clear and focused intentions, positive expectations, prayers, decrees, and action steps all create the healings and manifestations you desire.

Study alchemy and manifestation principles.

with love, The Angels

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"A clean slate is presented to you as you now encounter fresh opportunities and novel experiences."

Embrace the new in your life, including new opportunities, people, and projects. The Angels know that change can be frightening, and they surround you now with loving energy so that you can enjoy your new beginnings.

Sometimes we cling to old routines because they are familiar. The Angels ask you to be open to new approaches to life. Perhaps they will teach you a new way of looking at situations. Or maybe they will call on you to learn a new skill. Whatever the new beginning is for you, allow yourself to be stretched by the fresh circumstances.

with love, the Angels

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Your guidance is to take time to enjoy yourself. Relax, and find your sense of humour. Treat things lightly."

Fun brings lightness of spirit, and the most difficult situation can be eased if you see the funny side of things, so culitvate a sense of the ridiculous.

How can you bring play, laughter and fun into your social life, your relationships, your work life?

When you have fun the angels rejoie for there is nothing they love more than joy, play, humour and laughter.

affirm often:" I master my emotions."

with love, the Angels