Monday, September 7, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"You are being guided to invoke Archangel Michael to help protect and strengthen you."

He will increase your ability to deal with problems, so ask him to cut with his sward any emotional scars which bind you to people, stuck situations or past memories. Then ask him to fill you with strength and love.

He will shield you from the destructive thoughts, emotions and actions of others.

Archangel Michael works with the blue ray, giving strength and courage. Call for his help and visualize yourself wearing a deep-blue cloak, securely fastened. This will place you under his protection.

He is the master of all Angels, a great warrior spirit. Within his Light you will feel more secure, have more confidence, energy and power.

Affirm often: I am strong and protected by Archangel Michael.

with love, The Angels

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