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Mastering Thoughts and Feelings

Mastering Thoughts and Feelings March 12, 2013 through Sharon Taphorn
There is so much more to discover and much more of your own unfolding yet to come. Humanity is growing in leaps and bounds right now and it is time to make some plans about your dreams. It is time to explore your thoughts and your feelings and see what they now mean to you. It is when you go within to the undiscovered country of your mind, thoughts and feelings that your world expands. As you discover more, you will see you know so little and that there is much to learn from trusting in this process that is unfolding.
There is a need to balance the emotions and the mind; some seem to feel too much, others not at all. Mastering the emotions is one of the greatest challenges in being human. Mastering human relationships is a continuing process and one of the reasons for taking on a physical incarnation and doing the human journey. When you are not in physicality you are aware of your connection with everything, each other, and all that is. When you are in physicality, you feel the separateness and long for that loving reunion once again.
It is important for you to feel love and all of its emotions as it is a natural feeling  and a part of you that is remembering deep within  you the love of home, and oftentimes it feels like everything inside of your is competing with each other and that it is counterproductive to what you really want.
Spend time in quiet meditation and you will better understand the range and depths of your emotions and why you chose to experience life in such a way that you did. It is part of your understanding and your progress in the development you desire for your soul as a whole. This is not always easy to understand and sometimes doesn’t even seem to make much sense when you are a human. This is when you know it is important to take the time to see the bigger picture so that you can allow it to heal and transform you into something more.
Affirmation: "I am discovering more about myself as I experience life and all of its emotions to the fullest of my ability and it all helps my soul's growth as I am elevated to something more."
This is a successful time and things are looking up. You can make some long-term plans as you are on the right path. It is when the seeds of your intentions are planted that they have time to grow and if you nurture them and love them, they will offer you even more than you imagined for yourself. Take the time to confidently accept the opportunities that come your way, and have patience in understanding the divine timing of all the parts and the pieces to fall into play.
Mastering your feelings helps you develop qualities and your senses. Mastering your feelings allows you to become more empathic, patient, loving and kind. It helps you understand the motives and feelings of others and it a tremendous barometer of the energy around you. It helps you to see that you are free to choose and have confidence in yourself and trust in the action steps you take. It helps you to develop your connects with your guides and angels and to trust that this relationship is also developing to a new level and new understandings letting you know you are on the right path.
What are your beliefs? How do you see yourself with life, the universe and everything? Do you understand the parts you play? Are you waiting for grander days and grander things ahead?
This is the time to look at your viewpoints and beliefs as these things are changing as you evolve. Your spiritual foundation is expanding and that always brings great change. Many of you have been waiting a very long time for this change and that time is now near. Seek out others who are also on the path as it is important to find some comrades to support each other during these times of growth and change. Fortunately this is much easier now with your instant communication systems.
It might seem challenging at first to master the world of thought, yet it is a fantastic time to focus on some of your ideas and inspirations that help those who are newly awakening. There is much to do and it is now time for the healers and teachers to assume their roles. Work on releasing the thoughts that are unwanted and creating new ones that are about the new you, your new outlook and your new understanding. Work on developing your senses as well as your spiritual practice and you will be doing the actions required to attract to you what you need. Also remember to add love into all that you do as this is the special ingredient that makes life seem so much more magical.
Affirmation: "I am expanding my understanding of my life and my world and this brings growth and opportunities into any aspect of my life I choose to focus."
This is a time of mastering your thoughts and the world of the intellect. As you do, life will begin to move at an ever increasing rate and this transformation brings with it the opportunities to end difficult situations and heal past hurts and any unforgiveness, allowing you to move forward unencumbered. As you master the world of your thoughts, you are opening up to a new spiritual world that will help you create should choose to enlist them.
As you are transforming your reality, you begin to understand that including your passion into all that you do helps to transform your desires into the world of form. As people explore and begin to understand the amazing world of thought, you will see that past viewpoints and methods of treating the mind will change and evolve. This can be a crucial time for the lightworkers as you are already exploring and mastering these worlds and know that it is finding the balance in all four of your worlds do you begin to transform yourselves and your world as a whole.
These are exciting times indeed and we see how your lives are changing and we see how your jobs are changing and all of them will be a reflection of the changes in the masses. Start to integrate your new ideas and inspirations on how to get things done in a mass consciousness that is of unity consciousness instead of all about the one.
As your thoughts change and you master your world of and with emotions, you see that you are becoming more balanced and whole within yourself. You begin to find the value in patience, and letting some things just unfold as they should, and at others to act and make them happen. You become tuned to your higher self and able to make fair and just decisions and to see what is best and right for the good of all from a higher perspective of spirit. You can speak your mind with confidence and love and know that there is always more than meets the eye happening around you.
You are growing and expanding spiritually which also means that you are expanding all of your worlds and so open your heart to those around you. Be a compassionate and trustworthy friend to others and expect the same for you. Do what you know is right and trust in yourself. Balance all of your actions with your mental and emotional selves and you will know you are doing your best, always.
Blessings to you all from the entourage of Light Beings overlighting my journey ‘The Guys’ with Sharon Taphorn .
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