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Awakening to your Authentic Self

Awakening to your Authentic Self  March 20, 2013

Ah, the beautiful sounds of spring are glorious indeed. The songbird sings a tune that helps to awaken the grasses and the trees, and the wee furry four leggeds that would so love a tasty treat. Your earth is awakening, (speaking to me Sharon) and so are many people around you. This is a glorious time on the earth plane and much is happening on a grand scale that is shifting your world and those that dwell upon her.
It is most important for this year of mastery that you each be yourselves. Be your authentic self and be true to your heart. Get to know yourself and who you truly are. It is safe and it is time. Release any fears that are holding you back and work on your personal and spiritual growth. Do this for yourself. Sometimes it is hard to carve out time for yourself in a schedule filled with work, family and other personal commitments however it is vital for your piece of mind, mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your personal and spiritual growth.
Begin to see your work through the eyes of spirit and know that there is much going on behind the scenes that you are unaware of. Seeing the world from this different perspective helps you understand more and why at times people go through such monumental trials in life that you cannot fathom that this could actually be a chosen experience. Rest assured, it is and from the grander perspective of spirit, many things happen simultaneously that you see as taking a long time to unfold.
This is a time of positive change and much is going to seem as if it has suddenly begun to move and many things are happening all at once. This might seem overwhelming if you are unprepared or unfocused as you won't know which way to go. Take the time now to choose the direction your life is heading and know that it is perfectly okay to choose again should not be pleased with the results you are experiencing. Life is meant to be enjoyed and savoured, so salute, and lets get this show on the road.
Take a sensible approach to life and make time for those you love and even those you don't. Deal with life's challenges in a kind and loving manner.  Ask that what is happening for you now helps you see that these situations give you a better understanding of yourself, your life, and all that is. As you awaken to your authentic self, you open up that part of you that is sensitive to the earth, the animals and other people. These are important insights that help you create a world of thoughtfulness, creativity, love and peace. 
You are ready! You have the talents and the skills that are required to do what you want and to get done what you need to. All the resources of the Universe are at your disposal, and this is an infinite storehouse from which to choose. The most important task for you to undertake is to choose. Choose something, choose anything, but do choose. If you are unsure take a more playful approach and try some new things and new ways and see if it yields for you the results you desire.
Life can be as magical as you choose to make it. Keep your thoughts and emotions focused on desired thoughts as that is usually what most of you want for yourselves, it is just that sometimes you are focused on things not turning out the way you had planned and as you keep your focus on the past, you create more of the same in your future and now. When you see the gift and can move on that is when life becomes more magical. Time is a illusion so trust that you are ready and the time is now.
When a sudden event requires your immediate attention and you feel that time is of the essence and you are not sure what to do, connect with your higher self and allow your higher self to envelop you in their light field and take you into timelessness. You can let go of the physical so you can clearly see the path of each choice you want to make. See where each choice will lead you to and what it can bring to enhance your life and your journey.
Play with time, expanding it to give you more 'time' to get things done or contract time to help you get through something in a different light.  Know that you can get it done, get through it, and get on with it, regardless what you face as there is always enough 'time'.
This will help you to trust your intuition and tap into that greater part of yourself that is aware of all the wisdom and knowledge that is available to you and help you interpret the sights, the feelings, and the sounds that become available to you when you learn to work with the energy in your environment.  This allows you to carefully consider what you want before taking action and leads you where you want go it the best, fastest and brightest way possible.
As you learn to trust in the new abilities that are awakening within you, and you begin to live your life from the higher perspective of spirit, you will find that your relationships will change, your dreams and desires will grow to so much more. There will be exciting new endeavours to feed your mind and your spirit and this will signal growth in your creativity and ability to express yourself. Exciting times indeed, let your originality, ingenuity and integrity be the foundation upon which to build. Trust your intuition and allow it to awaken.
Speak your mind with confidence as you balance your mental and emotional worlds. This is a part of your growth and as you become your authentic self, you make fair and just decisions for yourself as you know and trust that you will do what is right and best for you.  Spend quiet time alone in the bosom of mother earth and allow yourself to feel the rejuvenation that she brings to you. This will help you feel connected to the earth experience as well as feed your soul.
Remember to release any harsh judgements or feelings you have about yourself and your past. View your life from the higher perspective of your guides and angels, with love, compassion and forgiveness. Learn what you can from the experience and know when it is time to move on to something more. If you leave something incomplete, it will recycle in your life again and it is much more fun to get it right and done so you can move on to so much more.
Times, they are a changing, of this there is no doubt. How you choose to experience it is entirely yours. You can view it with love and excitement, anticipating the magic in each day. Develop your relationships and create the loving experiences you desire and welcome new people, places and things into your life, or you can feel trapped in this cycle, lacking trust and self-confidence and afraid to take the action to change it. This is an illusion however your thoughts can keep you there.
Decide today to choose, to take the chance on life, on creating your dreams. This is a heightened new phase of awareness that is developing upon the earth. Take your wands and create the magic you so richly desire and deserve. Become your authentic selves and follow your heart, tempered with your passion and your mind working together to create a better way. Decide today to create each day and awaken to the possibilities that each day is magical.
Open your heart and your soul to all that is magical around you, we have great love for you all, Sharon’s Entourage of Light Beings.

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