Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Empowerment

You are powerful

Stretch your wings, it is your time to fly. Do not underestimate yourself or your powerfulness. You are supported in stepping fully into your power and letting it be your guiding force. There have been times in the eons of the past where the power of the people was not fully appreciated and that time is now changing. It is safe for you to powerful in all aspects of your life. Structure and order, logic and disciple will help you accomplish your goals.
Assert your independence and your creativity as this will lead to the healing the aspects of the ego or material world that have been a preoccupation for so many for so very long. It is now time for this healing and releasing of the feelings of not being in control of the events that are unfolding. Release any fear based thoughts as these will manifest for you. Hold and keep positive thoughts and things and they will manifest for you.
Affirmation: "I am powerful and I am supported as I take my power and place on my path to a better way."
You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank,Taka, Grazie, Спасибо,Toda, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran, Děkuji, Kiitos, Tack, Danke, ありがとう

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