Thursday, March 25, 2010

Angel Wisdom


"Take the time to notice and work on your abilities to hear, see and feel the loving guidance that we send your way."

Listen with your mind, heart and body, as we send you messages through all of these senses including earth angels in physical form. Your angel guidance is to develop and focus on using your different senses during your meditation practice. It is through consciously focusing on one area that it will improve and pick up the more subtle vibrations that are around you.

As well as the messages and signs we provide for you, we also send other humans to pass on messages. Look for repetitive signs before you. What catches your attention in the 3D world, if you notice a pattern, take that thought back into meditation with us and dialogue with us as you gain greater understanding.

The perfect time is now. There is no better time than today to begin a new spiritual practice of tuning into your own beautiful wisdom, and as you gain mastery in that area, tune in with another sense and keep moving forward. As you practice and perfect your skills, you become that conscious creator in your life.

affirm often: "Each day I become better and better at sensing the messages from my guides and angels."

you are dearly loved, the Angels

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