Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Angel Wisdom


"Every situation offers us the opportunity to grow and celebrate, look for the beauty that lies within each journey."

If you struggle to find the gift within a life experience, it is that experience that offers you the most in terms of personal and spiritual growth. Your Angel guidance is to spend time meditating upon the situation, ask the Angels to strengthen your resolve if you need to, and delve into the emotions and mind set of the experience. Your personal power increases as you heal yourself back to a state of love within.

Spend some time in that quiet place within, preferable outside in nature (or at least near some living house plants)  and be as near to Mother Earth's heart beat as you can. Your body, mind, feelings and spirit are refreshed when you can breath the oxygenated gifts of the Mother. When you connect with her heart beat, connect with your Angels and share with them all the emotions and feelings you have regarding an experience, and feel it, feel it. And, when you have everything that is inside you brought to the surface, ask the Angels to help you transform it. Feel our love, feel the love of the Mother and let it go from you, transform the energy with love.

Then, celebrate the joy within the experience. Hold strong in your gratitude and feel your heart fill with love. Emerge from this cocoon and soar like the beautiful butterfly that you are. Allow this love to transform you as you release and surrender anything that no longer serves your evolving spirit.

You are dearly loved, the Angels

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