Friday, March 5, 2010

Angel Wisdom


"Allowing yourself to receive is replenishing yourself and balancing the male and female energies within and around you."

Your Angel guidance is breath and allow balance within your cycles of life, each exhalation represents giving and your inhalations represent your receiving and provide the perfect balance. If we have an imbalance in our breathe, we are not in harmony with ourselves. So too is this with our outer world. If we are giving more than we are receiving, or receiving more than we are giving, we won't have the balance of energy to focus on our desires.

Be open to the gifts within each situation, and allow your self to feel peace, and wash away stagnant energy, to bring in new forms of abundance, creative ideas and all types of opportunities. Even the simplest act of receiving can bring about healing in amazing ways and it is a powerful step in the manifestation process.

Enjoy the process and add in regular doses of fun. When you have fun and laugh, you relax. This relaxation gives you a greater inflow of ideas, spiritual connections, Divine guidance, and energy.

Affirm often:"I am in a positive flow in my life."

you are dearly loved, the Angels

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