Saturday, March 13, 2010

Angel Wisdom


"Your soul desires only to be joyful and to serve the evolution of itself and therefore humanity."

In order to be kind you must open your heart to the gentle qualities of caring and compassion, Serenity bestows inner peace, tranquility and calmness of mind. These two qualities bring joy into your life. Joy is the highest vibrating energy.

When you feel serene, you are your own person, for nothing and no one can bother, upset or influence you. Be kind to yourself. Have reasonable expectations and give yourself due praise. In order to nurture the gentle quality of kindness, cherish yourself. As you come deeply serene and still, you become connected to the higher vibrating energy of the Universe. This energy is your connection to Divine Guidance and tapping into this stream
of wisdom can illuminate your path in life and the journey becomes smooth and flowing.

Delight in everything, for joy is a key to enlightenment. Your rewards will be a sense of inner peace, warmth and love.

Affirm often:"I find joy in everything."

You are deeply loved, the Angels

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