Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"The Angels urge you to care for you physical body, your heart and your mind."

Care for yourself as you would your child. All parts of you are important and need nurturing. You are asked to pay attention to what you eat, what you put into your physical body. Take better care of your health.

Meditate, take up gentle exercise, eat well, nourish your body, and respect your spirit. Let go of any matters that you've been fretting about. Instead, gaze into a candle's flame; write down the thing you love most about all the people that surround you, including yourself. Pay attention to your body - love it well!

Sort out any issues from the past - now is the time to sort these out with some real, solid, caring assistance, Angel wisdom reminds you that we are here to be that assistance, you need only ask and then follow the guidance given. The minds troubles can manifest as the body's, so please use this time to truly learn how to love yourself.

with love, the Angels

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