Friday, December 11, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Now is the time to use this energy to discover more about yourself, and what you really really want."

Have you been in sort of an existential fog of late? Wondering what your doing, where to go and why are you feeling this? It's a bit like what the 'rest' of the world goes through.

The Angels say that it is now time to use that energy consciously. To take this time to reflect on your life, your path. What is working, What do you want to change? As we head to a new year, many of us are drawn to explore our lives, see if we are on the right path, and do we want to change direction completely, or shift a little one way or another.

Take this time, see this energy to its completion. Use the wisdom of experience that others have who you respect and admire. Use the wisdom of experience from listening to your guides and Angels, take what feels and right and best for you and then when you are done you will be ready to be back to your old laughing self, with a fresh new outlook that give you the trust and the strength to do and be the things that you know you came here to create.

with love, the Angels

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