Monday, December 7, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"You now have the opportunity to write the script, What do you desire?"

Now is the time to decide what you really want to manifest in your life. Using you determination to manifest results in the physical world. You need to take control, grab those reins and move forward - and be sure you are heading in the direction in which you wish to go. Protect yourself against negativity at this time as it is often easy to become distracted and/or discouraged by other peoples thoughts and desires for you. Instead, focus on your dreams and get inspired, then move determinedly toward that which you desire to create. Be a resolute and gentle warrior.

Angel wisdom reminds you that it is inspiring when you start to take real control of your life. Meditate, keep calm, and take what action you feel guided to take. Wear blinders to naysayers and skeptics. It is your life, work on changing it for yourself. If you feel you cannot change things at this moment, work on changing how you feel about it. You always have a choice.

You are dearly love for whatever road you take, the choice is always yours, what do you truly desire to manifest in your life! Love the Angels

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