Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Through discipline comes freedom."

The master you are called on to obey is your Higher Self. You came to earth on a mission and only self-discipline will enable you to fulfill it.

Be cautious of overindulgence as this time. While it seems fabulous in the moment, you feel, "Why not say yes to as much as possible? " As you wake up, and you will wake up, you feel 'hungover' when you are done. All temptations are there: the truly amazing people are those who can look, taste, maybe, but not make a complete pig of themselves. If you go overboard on any aspect of your life, you may not like how you feel tomorrow.

Tune in and ask your Angels for their help and support so that your life becomes more happy and rewarding and divinely directed. Take some time out to recharge, reconnect and reinvigorate yourself.

Angel wisdom reminds you that you are a powerful creator. When you focus on the next dream, idea or desire, with discipline, you will create your dreams. Discipline is a key to fulfilling your destiny.

Affirm often: "Self discipline brings me freedom."

with love, the Angels

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