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Unconditional Love with Archangel Chamuel August 1, 2013

Unconditional Love with Archangel Chamuel August 1, 2013

By Sharon Taphorn

There is so much beauty and love that surrounds you in your world. Take a moment and look to see it everywhere around you and it is breath taking. Work with the pink ray of love and compassion and you will know unconditional love. If at any time on your journey you need to feel more love, we are there. Anytime you see another being along your journey that needs some extra love, ask for our loving assistance and surround that being with soft pink energy and lots of loving energy channeled from your heart. Think the most loving thoughts you have, for a person, a special place, or a little being like a child or a puppy dog.  Imagine everyone and everything involved in this light of love, and let this light have no other agenda than to be of love. This is a great service you can offer each other at anytime, anywhere, and it is free!
Opening your heart is a most important and yet sometimes challenging task. It is worth pursuing as it is the filter of the new earth, and the new beings you are evolving to. Wish for another as you would for yourself and see them as a beautiful part of Creator Light.
You are experiencing a time of great spiritual and emotional awakening and this brings much change to your world. How you love and see one another is changing at its very core. Open yourself up to the grand possibilities and know that love indeed does heal all things.  Love one another with your hearts wide open and let that be your guiding force as well as your moral compass.
Trust your guidance
Developing and learning to trust your internal guidance system is an important part of feeling safe enough to open yourself up to unconditional love. There are many ways you can work on developing this sense and yet it is a vital part of your growth and one worth spending some time developing for any spiritual aspirant.
Spend time alone, in nature if you can, and meditate upon your desires and intentions. Set your intent of what it is you wish to experience during your meditations and ask for a specific guide or angel, or call one you would like to work with. Be open to the experience and use all of your senses to help you have a more meaningful experience. The more clarity you have, the greater the possibility that are available for you in creating those desires and intentions in a most magnificent way.
 Work on trusting the guidance from your heart and ask your angels to help you gain and keep your prospective positive, focused and optimistic.
Your angels are a natural source of creative inspiration, helping to bring to you ideas wrapped in spiritual purpose and potential. Ask your angels to help inspire you as you keep your focus and your thoughts carefully chosen to be of the greatest assistance to you in your now. Let your clarity, insight, and creativity flow and allow the transformations you seek to happen faster, finer, and in ways that seem magical. As you gain confidence in yourself and trust your internal guidance, you are ready for your next adventure.
Learning to work with Emotions 
Emotions are powerful as you learn to work with them, and you all eventually will, and for some of you to experience them for the very first time, it can take some time to adjust to them and this new you. Be patient with yourselves as you are evolving and this is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes spending time in contemplation can help with a smoother transition, or perhaps a bit of introspection into what is important for you. Be honest with yourself as this is for no one but you. As you decide what it is that is your true heart’s desire, and focus on that desire, will you see the changes you seek.
Remember to be neither too frivolous not too cautious with your time, money and ideas as when you keep things in balance you make better decisions for yourself. And always remember to offer your gratitude in some way that honours what you receive. Take some risks, be bold and let your adventurous side be your guide and your practical side be your grounding and expect miracles.
Heal the past
As your emotions heal and you learn to keep them balanced with your physical, mental and emotional you, you are able to awaken to greater and deeper love with yourselves and also in your relationships with others.
Release any anger, thoughts and feelings of less than, unforgiveness, doubts and fears as it is time to release this and to move on to greater things. Leaving these behind will take a ton of baggage off your shoulders and make the journey ahead much easier to follow. It is time to honour and follow what lies within your heart and you cannot do that when you are still holding on to the scars of the past.
Envision yourself and your past as healed in all dimensions of time and space, the past, the present and the future, and continually breathe new life force energy into your life and your now. You will get where you need to go and with whom you need to do it with so have patience and faith and trust that it is so.
While you are waiting, spend your time gaining a better understanding of your life and how the spiritual principles you have been working with are changing your life and your world. Let your world fall naturally into place and be receptive to your angel’s gentle reassurance that everything has been taken care of. Notice any thoughts or feelings, visions or ideas and let those visions unfold and trust in them.
Be true to yourself
Let go of anything inauthentic and all activities that do not mirror your highest intentions and desires for yourself. If there is something that is not working in your life at this time, be willing to release it and start again. You have the ability and power to turn all of your desires into reality, it is just that sometimes the lack of confidence in yourself holds you back from making the very changes you seek, and to manifest what you desire.
When you release unhealthy situations, the energy begins to move, making way for Divine light to enter. You will find that 'that perfect job, that perfect relationships,  the perfect solution to a health issue, new depths to a relationship, or whatever it is that you desire' to have and to heal in ways that you could never have imagined. The key is to trust that you are supported, that things are always happening behind the scenes, and that it will happen.  Release any thoughts of doubt or less than.
Hold feelings of joy in your heart. Joy is that magical sense that all things are possible, and they are. Appreciate the gifts within each moment. Expect a miracle, and decide to be true to whom you are and live life in the truth of who you are. You are always; always a beautiful child of Creator Light and a spark of Creator Love dwells within you. Be Brave, be confident and be yourselves.
Love Yourself
Love others and all that you do with unconditional love, regardless of the outward appearance. This is often a challenge as you are used to having conditions with love. To learn to love regardless, no matter what, is a huge lesson and leap forward for your growth.
Some of your animal friends are here just to teach you this and they are unencumbered by all the mental energy of the human and they can show you this as they often love you regardless of how they have been treated by the humans in their lives. A dog can teach you all about unconditional love. Take some time one day when you see a human with her animal friend who spends a lot of time together and get in touch with the emotions of the dog towards its human and you will know unconditional love. It is an all-encompassing love that goes beyond was is seen and often felt and when it is, it is magical. It can open up your heart into an explosive experience and bring about great healing with the energy of love like you might never have experienced.
Remember that you are loved and supported. Remember to bring that love into each of your experiences and to open your heart to greater love. It is with the greatest of pleasure to help and assist you with love, Love Archangel Chamuel

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon  Taphorn
All rights reserved.


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