Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Power of your Past Lives with Archangel Raziel

The power of your Past Lives with Archangel Raziel, by Sharon Taphorn August 4, 2013

Each of you has spent time on this planet before, or perhaps on another world or realm. Sometimes when you are doing your life review, you decide that you are not going to do that again, or perhaps you made a decision from a past life experience that is greatly affecting your present life and you really don't understand why. Ask your angels to help you remember past lifetimes so you can release, learn, and heal from your past experiences. 
By viewing your a choice or asking for clarity through the aspect of a past life can help you release and heal a current situation in your life. Sometimes when you can step outside of the situation you gain a better understanding of the bigger picture and it helps you feel more compassion and understanding for everyone involved.  Ask your angels, Archangel Raziel, and the goddess Isis to help you to review the past so that you can better understand, assimilate and heal your past life memories. As you do this it will change things in all dimensions of time and space as well as  in your genetic lineage. 

Ask: "I call upon my guides and angels, the goddess Isis, Archangel Raziel, and my soul family to help me to better understand [state the situation or relationship, or emotion, or any other reason you want to review] Please take me to the lifetime where and when I made this decision or choice or feeling for the very first time." 

While you are on the journey of this lifetime, notice where you are, what you are wearing, are you male, female, as this can offer you valuable information. When you are ready to come back and you want to release this memory, go to the end of that lifetime when you transitioned back into the light and be sure to heal there.  Repeat the following: 

"I release and heal any old buried pain from all my bodies, now and forever, in all dimensions of time and space, the past, the present and the future; I remove this from my all of my bodies, including the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, and so it is." 

and let the energy around you be transformed with love and back into the love by which you made your original contracts.  

Your past lives offer you valuable wisdom that is within you. Those very experiences are the ones that helped to shape your spirit self of which you are a part of. As you gain a greater understanding of your past, it can help you open up and trust the guidance it has to offer you in this lifetime you will find more of this wisdom revealed to you in your everyday life. Allowing you to enjoy the adventures in your life and move forward with anticipation, expectancy and hope. 

Enjoy the experience of your journeys as well as the wondrous healing you receive in your present, you are loved and supported, Archangel Raziel

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