Saturday, December 11, 2010

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Guardian Angels


Your Guardian Angels want you to know how much you are deeply loved.
We honour you for your earth journey as we do our part by your side, always.
We are at your side, and are the sect of the angel realm who agrees to be with you always during your physical incarnation. We are most often the first voice you are talking to that gives you that loving reassurance when you are talking with us. Regardless of our interaction with you thus far on your journey, we want you to know that we are hear, always near and want for nothing more than to assist, interact and be a conscious part of your journey.

Just quiet your mind, your body and then tune into your heart light, ask for us to join you in this space of love, which is a higher vibration than you are usually in on the earth plane. Then, dialogue with us, most of you have more than one guardian angel, many of you have three. We are joyful to be of service with you and long to make a connection with you.

You are dearly loved, the Guardian Angels

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