Thursday, December 9, 2010

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Prosperity


Let the flow of prosperity open up for you

You now have the opportunity to connect with the flow of universal abundance, to transform all of your thoughts and desires into tangible form. Tap into your manifesting power by focusing on abundance instead of worrying about having enough money, love or time. The angels wish to remind you that you have nothing to fear. A new flow of prosperity is supporting you now and your prayers have been heard and answered.

Love yourself enough to set boundaries with others and say no to demands on your energy and time that does not match your agenda and use all of that energy to focus on that which you desire. Release projects and people and thoughts that are not focused energy on your desired path.

Affirm often: "I will allow the abundant good of the Universe to manifest through me now; in my mind, body, emotions and activities."

You are dearly loved, the Angels

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