Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn


"Learn to trust your gut feelings and intuitions, and regularly balance your time between work, play, spirituality and your relationships.'
Use common sense and discernment and never give your power to another. Instead trust in yourself and your connection to the Divine wisdom that is a part of who you are. Keep purifying your motivations so that they are completely about love and service to elevate the energy and your experiences even further. Look past the seeming errors, and misunderstandings, and see only love within each person, and situation.

Your Angels ask you to add regular doses of meditation, exercise, and play to your day. This helps you grow and bring more joy into life. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all your responsibilities, ask your Angels to help to lift the burdens, and delegate that which you don't really need to do to make extra time for yourself and your own growth. This helps you to function better for yourself and therefore those in your life.

You are dearly loved, the Angels

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