Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn


"Take some time to be sill, relax, and enjoy the introspection in the solitude it often brings."

Indulge in some much needed self care. Take some time out in your day to be alone with yourself and think only beautiful and wonderful thoughts. Dream of your next holiday, look at the beauty that surrounds you. Yes, the angels know that sometimes you can look around and see only the dark, and it is in those times that it is so important to find the light in every situation, scene or episode in your life. Take a walk in the park, smell the flowers, smell the rain. Feel the beauty that surrounds you. Notice the people who share love, pass on the rest during this respite from the world.

Your Angel guidance is to remind you that your essence is divine and that is also the essence of every living thing. See the divine that surrounds you.

Affirm often:"I am serene, powerful and peaceful."

and so dearly loved, the Angels

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