Saturday, June 12, 2010

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn


"According to Spiritual Law, you can have anything your hearts desires.

Expect more for yourself and don't ever settle for less than you desire.

However, if your happiness, sense of security or feeling of power depends on someone or something else in your life, then you are attached to that person or thing and it is a chain which binds you to a lower frequency and keeps you stuck.

Your Angel guidance is to ask the Angels to help you cut the cords that tie you to people, things and emotions. Surrender and release by emotionally letting go and trust that the Divine wisdom  of spirit can help you. Don't try to control the situation. Focus on the outcome, this allows you to reclaim your true power.

Take time today to visualize and dream about the results you long for in your heart. Don't worry about being disappointed as that is what will happen. Fear and worry slow down your manifestations, so consciously release all doubt to your angels.

You are dearly loved, the Angels

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