Thursday, February 11, 2010

Angel Wisdom


"Your personal power increases the more you trust and love yourself."

It is time to utilize and step into your role as an ambassador of Light and Love.

You are a powerful co-creator of Divine energy, and it is safe for you to be that powerful being. Ask the Angels to assist you in realizing and releasing any thoughts, feelings and situations that hold you back from taking your role in creating that which you desire. This allows for new thoughts, ideas and inspirations to come your way.

Angel wisdom suggests that you take a moment each day and focus on your strengths, then focus on clearing and stabilizing your energy fields, then, focus on the characteristics you want to foster and grow. When you feel strong, powerful and balanced, focus on the goals and dreams you would like to create now. Imagine them as if you already have them and that they are a part of your vibration. Use your power with wisdom and joy.

Then, enjoy the shifts you see around you, and use your power to create a better world for yourself, and others.

Affirm often:" I am a powerful creator force in the service to Light and Love."

you are dearly loved, the Angels

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