Monday, February 1, 2010

Angel Wisdom


"It is time for your life to flow with prosperity, love and success."

You draw from the limitless Universal pool according to your belief in how much you deserve. Angel wisdom reminding you now to believe in yourself and trust that you deserve more. Then you will attract abundance and the true riches of life. Know where you thoughts and beliefs are about what you believe is possible for you and change the thoughts that don't serve your highest good.

To feel surrounded by love, open your heart to others.

Choose to do that which fulfills you most and the Angels will assist to bring you joy, satisfaction and success.

Enhance your prosperity by receiving graciously, giving out willingly and saying thank-you for everything. Enjoy all you have and more will come your way.

Affirm often: I am love, and I am surrounded by prosperity, success and joy.

with love, the Angels

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