Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Angel Wisdom


"This is a signal to purify your motives and intentions so they're purely about service and not about fear or competition."

Ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?". Do all of your actions show they are in integrity with your true beliefs?

The Angels remind you to let go of anything inauthentic, and all activities that do not mirror your highest intentions for yourself.Put your whole focus into "How may I serve?" instead of "What might I get out of this?" Affirm loving thoughts about yourself and others. Avoid any behaviours that lead to feelings of guilt and shame, as these lower the self esteem. Leave situations that are out of integrity with your true beliefs.

Angel wisdom reminds you to also let yourself receive. Allow others to give you loving care. Receive without guilt or apologies, receive in the same love that you give to others.

The Angels remind you that you are always dearly loved, the Angels

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