Thursday, November 19, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Your guidance is to count your blessings."

When you say thank-you to the Universe for its gifts, it responds generously to you.

Angel wisdom reminds you to say thank you for all that you have, the intangible as well as the tangible.

Whenever you say thank-you from your heart, more is bestowed on you, for gratitude is a key to opening the doors to universal abundance. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and open yourself to receive love and plenty into your life.

Your Angels will smile on you.

Affirm often: "I am grateful for everything in my life."

our loving gratitude, the Angels


Capt. Richard said...

I know I was saved numerous times recently from bad accidents by my guardians, and I would like to thank them on my social media, what would be acceptable and appropriate? Thank you for taking my request seriously, Cordially Capt. Richard Barone

Sharon said...

it is always wonderful and appropriate to thank your guides and angels for their assistance. Just speak from your heart and say thank you. Some people will think it is strange, some will love it.

Personally since I share my work on my pages, everyone knows all about who am I and what I do, however my son won't add me to his face book page as he thinks I a little too embarrassing for him, I am totally okay with that. have a beautiful day, love and blessings, Sharon