Sunday, November 1, 2009

Angel Wisdom


"Isis reminds us to keep balance in our lives. Be honest with yourself and keep healthy boundaries in your work and home life."

Balancing career and home life can be easier than you imagine. You may already know parts of your life are lopsided, and you may be feeling symptoms of burnout from this imbalance. You can rapidly shift your energy in positive ways by devoting time each day to your priorities. Even 30 minutes a day spent in meaningful ways will lift your mood, morale, and motivation.

Play is a much-needed requirement for you right now. Make sure that your needs are being met. Delegate work to others. Say no to unrealistic demands upon your time. Spend more time devoted to activities that make your heart sing with joy.

Isis demonstrated a perfectly balanced life as a great spiritual teacher and devoted wife and mother (to Osiris and Horus, respectively). Isis is a much revered Egyptian goddess who symbolizes feminine strength and power. She can help you find enough time and energy to enjoy all aspects of your life, if you'll ask for her assistance.

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