Thursday, November 12, 2009

Angel Wisdom of the Day


"You are now faced with an opportunity to heal, grow, and release negative patterns. Choose the path of peace."

Angel wisdom suggests that you hold the intention of seeing the other person's inner Divine light and goodness. The Angels will help you release unforgiving thoughts, feelings and energies, and lift you to a higher place of peace and compassion. As you think about your options and possible outcomes, which brings the greatest feeling of peace to your body and mind? This is your answer.

Listen to your heart's truth, there is always a peaceful alternative to conflict within. You have grown weary of this negative pattern in your life. To break the cycle, release old toxic thoughts. You can do this by deep breathing, and on each exhalation release your fears, worries, anger and other painful emotions. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you are condoning someone's actions, it means that you are no longer willing to carry toxic feelings and thoughts within you. Release, be free, and experience positive patterns through forgiveness.

Focus on your desires instead of fear or judgments, this includes feelings you have for yourself. Your new peaceful feelings elevate your energy and help you to manifest what you desire.

we love you, the Angels


avang5 said...

wow, this is a very powerful saying you said about this photo. I love this photo.

Hello Sharon,
I was wondering if I can use this photo to put on a power point that I am making for my job. And I will also give you credits for using this.

Thanks you so much., hope I will hear from you soon.

Sharon said...

Hi Avang5

Yes of course you can, I am not the originator of the photo, I found it online... so no credit needs to be given to me... hope your presentation went and blessings, Sharon