Saturday, April 11, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"Positive new experiences are on the horizon."

You've endured some rough storms over the last little while, now the way is clear and smooth. From hereon in, you can expect the best. Wash away the negativity from your consciousness and past memories, and keep only the positive lessons and love. Don't hang on to anything that could weigh you down, such as resentment or bitterness. Let it go!

If you've gone through patterns of negativity in the past, this is the time to affirm: I now release the need to experience this life lesson. I extract what ever teachings I need to discover, and I move on to a life of harmonious and peaceful actions."

You have now turned a corner in your life, wherein your prayers and positive thoughts are delivering new rays of divine light to illuminate your present and future.

with love, your Angels

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