Friday, November 7, 2014

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Angel Dreams

Your angels are sending you messages
During your dream time you are in an alternate dimensional understanding and you are always interacting with your angels, guides, and fellow travelers, it is just that you don't remember what you are doing and try to filter it  down into human understanding, which is often quite difficult. So you leave fragments  of remembrance for yourself through your dreams to remember as you need them. To open these channels of communications more consciously, bring your angels into your meditation and ask them for the guidance you seek and work on strengthening that connection.

When you are dreaming of your angels, they are sending messages into your life to let you know that they are there surrounding you with the love and support that helps to lighten your day. Ask your angels to walk beside you, to help support and guide you, and to help to enlighten and inspire you throughout the day.

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels and guides

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji

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