Monday, July 29, 2013

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Visualize

Focus upon your dreams
Whatever you desire and allow you will experience. It is in the allowing where there is often lack or the negative thoughts you hold because those dreams and desires have not yet manifested for you. Look to see if perhaps your thoughts or even your more powerful words are blocking your way. Ask your angels to help you if you are not sure what patterns you would like to transform and we are so very honoured and ready to assist you. Be receptive to new thoughts and ideas that pop into your head that feel good and right in your heart. When your mind is clear and open, we are better able to connect with your light.

When you visualize your dreams, be sure to add in a bit of fun and joy along the path to that destination. In fact, we recommend that you add a sense of the ridiculous and bring as much joy, laughter and fun into your visions that you can project, then you are more likely to create the miracles and fantastic results you desire. When you think about those images, you will smile and feel good, and want more of that feeling in your life. This helps you to create a more joyful life experience and that helps create a better world for everyone.  

Affirmation: "I hold mighty visions for myself and visualize the wondrous feelings that receiving and reaching my goals brings to my life."

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