Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Divine Discontent - Courage, Harmony, and Compassion with Archangel Raguel

(This is the first part of a much longer message I will share on Calling All Angels on Thursday, yet I felt that it would help those who are having a challenge with the all that is happening especially the empaths. Enjoy the love and beauty of this gift, Love and blessings, Sharon)

It is not always easy to keep your rose coloured glasses on, however it is our hope through this message that you will find solace, courage, compassion and understanding of the larger picture of why and what makes some people act in the manner they do and how this beautifully signifies the shifting times of this generation.

Let us begin by taking a moment to clear our energy fields and open ourselves up to ideas that might be new or a different perspective on the earth journey and the human journey. Close your eyes and listen to these words and if you are visual, imagine, if you are tactile, feel, and trust that it is happening as it is, some will feel it, others will not, do not lament what isn't, focus upon what is. Focus upon your breath and slow it down. As you inhale, select only finest of oxygen molecules to come into your body and cleans you and with every out breath, you are releasing thoughts, feelings and anyone else's energy that does not serve your highest purpose. And continue taking these focused breaths until you feel deeply relaxed. As you relax we are going to awaken your cellular consciousness and bring forth the pure breath to every cell in your being and let it flow thought you and you begin to come alive in a new way, and some of you will tingle all over as your cells begin to awaken. 

Next envision a jewel appearing on the roof above you. It is the perfect colour and can be any colour, it is to reflect what you need to clear and re-balance your energy field, and as you look at this beautiful stone a vortex of light begins to form and start spinning. It begins to expand and form a cone of energy that widens to encompass all of you and comes down and sweeps through you like a whirlwind of energy, cleansing and clearing you. As this beam passes through you and around you sweeping away debris, it funnels down into the earth for use by the mother as she sees fit. If you have been through some particularly trying times of late, then ask for another light filled vortex to sweep through and clear you. And relax. The next one can be a different colour or the same, it matters not. Trust that spirit knows exactly was is best and right for you.

As you relax and enjoy this beautiful and peaceful feeling that you should be feeling (or do it again until you feel clear and peaceful) ask now that some shields of light are placed around you, to have them form a bond around you like an egg shell does to the yoke. These can be shields that are more like filters so that they allow for a flow and exchange of beneficial energy for you and those who come in contact with your light.  Ask for what you desire and then trust that it is so.  You do not want to completely cut off others as there is so much that is meant to help and assist you. 

Do this every day to keep your balance and clear of other peoples thoughts and feelings so that you have time to put your stuff in order and work with what is yours. At any time you find yourself in less than desirable energy, take a moment and do a quick clearing and re-shielding. this will help you immensely during these shifting times as a form of protection from all the other thoughts and feelings of those just trying to find their way.

Be patient, kind and tolerant of others while you get your bearings and most others will afford you the same courtesy. Don't take it personally for those who don't.  

Your interactions with each other will be many and unlimited, and there is no need for you to ever feel as if you are doing it alone, my deepest love and gratitude, Archangel Raguel

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank,Taka, Grazie, Спасибо,Toda, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran, Děkuji, Kiitos, Tack, Danke, ありがとう
Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.


Silver Angel said...

I just did this meditation, it was wonderful, helped me a lot...Thanks to AA Raguel and Sharon..for a beautiful experience.
Love & Light
Sylvia xx

Sharon said...

you are very welcome! love and blessings, Sharon