Sunday, February 24, 2013

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Angels of Love

Beings of Love through Sharon Taphorn
Oh, to love again, it is so grand. There is nothing like it. It is one of the greatest gifts of having a human experience, to feel love in all of its grand expressions. Mostly you muddy it up with the mental energy of conditions and expectations, however once in a while, some of you just let it happen, and it is glorious.
From the vantage point of guides and angels, we only know love and unity consciousness. While you are a human, you know love, but compartmentalize it into types and meanings. It is still only love and one can only truly know it when they release their thoughts of it and go with the feelings. Love is feeling this most amazing, all-encompassing feeling of blissfulness and you cannot fully describe it, it must be felt. It is powerful energy and it can heal all things.
Take a sensible approach Use a methodical, almost scientific like method as you approach any challenges as well as the creative ideas that inspire you to more. Let your warm and understanding manner be your guide to thoughtful creations. Mastering the emotions is best done through a balanced approach to your thoughts and your desires. As you do this, you gain a better understanding into the challenges you face and how you can be living more in your passions.
As you understand more of your motivations and desires, you are then able to create them in your world in a more deliberate fashion and gratitude holds the key to the joy, contentment and enlightenment. Understanding is seeing the bigger picture, and knowing that it will lead you to something more. Do not get caught up in the thoughts and understandings of others ad that is theirs to work on, and keep your focus on your path. The world is your oyster and the pearl is the results of your understanding, focus, and desire.
You are embarking on a new journey and you are ready. You have the talent, skills and resources to help you manifest everything you need and lead a magical life. The only thing standing in your way is your belief in yourself and your ability to actually create this or something even better. You have what you need and can also attract it to you easily when you have confidence in yourself. There is so much available to you, if only you can keep your focus.
Carefully review options and read all of the fine print and be sure that what you do or sign is the best for you right now, as there is always more going on and new opportunities that fit you perfectly, it is just that sometimes you have to look and have confidence and trust yourself. Do your research so that you feel confident in your decisions and know that it is what it best, as this will help you create the ‘something even better’ and there are promising ventures awaiting you always.
Decision making is a complex process and it takes practice to trust in yourself and your choices. Consult an expert or someone that you trust so that you keep your thoughts positive and focused on things you have not even seen yet will come your way as opportunities to nurture yourself and grow.
Find the balance in your give and take, for it is not wise to be to frivolous nor too cautious as this represents thoughts of lack. Find the grounding of the middle and you will have more confidence in the decisions that you make. Always give a helping hand to those that follow you for that is how you bring the others with you and no is left behind. This is a time of doing things in a different way that you have done previously, on mass and individually. As you begin to manifest your ideas and inspirations, it allows others to find their truth and begin to live their lives differently and it continues on exponentially from there. Remember, just as you have created many wonderful things in the past, you will now be creating things bigger and better than you ever imagined possible, so dream big and let no one diminish you or your desires.
Your life experiences are changing and with powerful revelations and understandings, how you experience your very life is changing. You are becoming more sensitive to the energy around you and the energy of others. This means that you must give yourself time to adjust and learn to work with these new experiences. There are many teachers on all dimensions who can assist you with this. Remember, they do not do the journey for you, it is entirely up to you to do it for yourself, as that is the agreement between the teacher and the student. You came to earth to experience and we are but the helpers setting up the coincidences and opportunities for you to experience.
You have human angels who are the teachers of long ago who have returned to once again assume their roles as the master teachers. Seek them out for they offer you wise counsel and have access to the other realms. You have contracts with them to help you find your way and they too want nothing more than to assume their rightful roles as the advisors and educators of this new age. Continue moving forward and participating in your spiritual expansion as you evolve into what you are becoming.
Happy times lay ahead, of that there is no doubt. Make positive and optimistic long-range plans for the path before you as that is what you seek. Enjoy life’s little luxuries and see the beauty and the gift in each experience so that you can complete it and move on to what is next. As you shift and change, the outlook of those plans you have made have the opportunity to grow into something more and so keep the thoughts of even better in your mind.
You are creating a new age, a new world and there are so many possibilities for you. Spend time in meditation, spend some time out in nature and see the beauty and all it’s splendor all around you. You are becoming empathic beings and with that enhancement, you become more compassionate and understanding with those you meet along the way. Develop this quality and you will see all of your relationships evolving to a new level of understanding and light. Trust your intuition and learn to interpret the signals it gives you and what they mean. Just because it feels different, doesn’t make it bad or wrong; trust your ability to find out more.
Take a few minutes and tap into your internal storehouse of wisdom and ask the questions that you need to make your choices and decisions. This will help you understanding yourself and others and how to attract from there.
As you grow and bloom, and learn to love yourself, all of your relationships are elevated to a new dimension and sometimes those you love take a while to catch up to the new vibration. Beam them love and trust that as they are ready, they will step forward and do what they need to do. That is the best way you can help others to find their way.
This message was brought to you by the angels and guardians of love. This group of light beings are honoured to assist the humans with their relationships and interactions with each other.
This group consists of and is not limited to:
Archangel Raguel, Archangel Chamuel, Goddess’s Aphrodite, Isolt, Guinevere, Aengus, Quan-Yin, Maitreya, Krishna, Pele, Devi, Vesta, and Mother Mary and … whomever else you choose.
Relationships are one of the major themes of doing an earth journey as it is when we are in human form that we feel our separateness from each other. It is important to remember that you absolutely cannot change another human being, you can only change yourself and how you see your world, and it is perfectly okay to see the world with ‘rose coloured glasses’ and look for love in all of its form, and see the beauty that is all around you and in everything that you do.
The angels of Love

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.

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