Sunday, July 1, 2012

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Paul the Venetian

Artistic Expression
may your sunday be full of blessings
This message signals that your artistic talents are in need of creative expression. You have hidden talents that lie dormant. This trapped energy can make you feel tired, restless, and anxious and can lead to addictions if the energy isn't expressed. Even if your artistic abilities feel unpolished, they need an outlet. Make the time today to draw, paint, sing, play music, write, take photographs, make jewlery, sew, dance, or do something artistic and creative. You may find the key to your life's purpose and ideal career through this process.
Paul the Venetian was the Italian Renaissance artist Paolo Caliari (his last name was later changed to Veronesse to signify his birthplace of Verona). He moved to Venice (which is why he's now called Paul the Venetian) during the city's golden era in the 1500's, where he painted religious murals and paintings. He was successfully able to defend himself against charges of blasphemy during the Inquisition for his artistic rendering of the Last Supper. You can call upon Paul the Venetian for help with freeing your artistic expression and creativity.
*From Doreen Virtue's Ascended Masters Oracle Cards*
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Marianna said...

I just hope to do a job of my passions ..

Sharon said...

Find a way to bring passion into all that you do and you will draw to you more of what you desire, love and blessings