Saturday, December 24, 2011

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Merry Christmas

A special message from the angels

We are very happy and honoured to be called upon to share in this way. To share our love, our support and our strength with you as you share yours with us to in different ways. We are always here and honoured beyond your human understandings and how we earn our 'wings' so to speak. So, thank you for asking. Thank you for inviting us in to be a part of your earth experience. Thank you for letting us in and letting us love you. This is a most important thing and please continue to do so. Thank you.

Open your hearts to each other. Open your hearts to love. This begins by the journey of self discovering that most of you are on. As you expand your understand of your'elf', that one that lives within in and is the authentic you, you naturally open to more love. It is the evolution of humanity at this time. Welcome aboard the love train. For that is truly what this all about. Expanding your abilities to love beyond the physical. To see more than is actually there brings about a higher dimensional compassion that is unconditional love. Loving regardless of the conditions...absolutely regardless! That means Love them anyway. Don't always hear the words they are speaking, feel their hearts. See that they too have seen many experiences and have 'fought the good fight' so to speak, just as you have. And that each of you finds your path based on those experiencing and doing the best you can along the way. That may not be the same as your best, however that no longer matters. It is that you always do your best - which will also change- that is important. As each of you learns to live this, the closer you get to returning to the love beings that you truly are. Be loved, be blessed and feel that from us each day.

Offer peace to your fellow humans along the way. Help where you can. Be of service to your people. Be care takers of the beloved mother and remember to love all things that live upon her. Become to Earth Keepers that is your birthright and part of what is your 'life' purpose for many of you. Learn to take care of the earth first and the animals which share your space. Each of you is vital to the success of the whole. Each of you is vitally connected as you are with the wind, the seas, the water, the land, the minerals, the insects, and those that roam free upon her. Learn to take care of each other as you do the earth for you are all vital part in the circle of life. Remember, what you put upon the earth, so too do you put that within yourself for you are revitalized in so many ways from by the animals, the insects and earth, and she by you. Find the balance in the giving and receiving with your earth and all the others who live upon her. Find that peace and offer it to each other and all that is.

You also have as an important life purpose of communicating with others and through the arts. Each of you in a slightly different way, and also a crucial part of the earths evolution. Each of you has things to offer in a way that one else possesses in quite the same way. And even if it doesn't seem so as you are going through it, each event in your life is so carefully orchestrated through your life time by You, your higher self, your guides and angels. We are all working together to accomplish what you want to experience in this life time. Know that each event that seems insurmountable is the one that offers you the most opportunities for growth and change - evolution- and less resistance to it- is what you came here to experience and it is a grand plan indeed.

Each of you plays a part somehow in communication. Many of you are the teachers and the healers and there is so much variety in all of these categories. Some of you share your energies through the physical arts that transcends with its message, some of you share in physical healing, which then transcends the the physical. Some of you heal with you words, which then transcends the mental... do you get the picture. The end results of all that you share change and help evolve the many in so many different ways. We ask that you follow your hearts passion and develop the faith to believe that all things are possible and miracles happen every day on your beautiful planet. As more of you begin to know this as your truth, your physical surroundings will change to match that vibration and everything will evolve at a faster rate. Share who you are be living and being in your truth at all times. This is the best communication you can share with others. Boast not loudly who you have become, but go in peace,and be the ambassador of love and service and others will follow by your example. That is true evolution.

Be strong dear ones and know that you are never alone. You are stronger than you think and your strength is what assures the desired outcomes for you. Use positive affirmations each morning and throughout the day to keep you on focus and target as you take the steps that lead you where you want to go. This is the key to opening the many doors that are your opportunities of manifestation. Trust your inner wisdom to be your barometer along the way. Trust your own powers to choose and discern what is the best path for you and leave no room for doubt to slow you down. This is a powerful tool - using your words- so choose them wisely in your creations. You are making steady progress - the best kind- for it is in the slow and steady that you win the race.  The race is only you against you, no one else so the pace is entirely of your choosing. Again, choose wisely in where and how you invest your time, money and energy.  Honour those who have helped you along the way and release that which doesn't serve who you are. Set limits for yourself and know that many will demand your time, it is up to you how you use it. And all things can be said kindly and with love. And clearly, we see that make a difference to the world through your thoughts, feelings and actions of love.

Surrender. Give up the need to control every aspect of your journey. Ask your angels to help you resolve any resistance of your ego self. This is the mental energy that needs to be transformed. Let go of the desire for things to be the best and just do your best. Let others be free to do there best and move on. When you surrender to the guidance of your higher self, all the energy you have been using in resistance becomes available to you. Vitality, inner peace, harmony and most of all love, are your spiritual rewards. So, flow with the pace of life. Relax and tune in. Then follow the guidance of your intuition knowing that the angels will be supporting you every step of the way.

Celebrate. We know that not all of you celebrate christmas or a holiday at this time. However you can enjoy the energy that is available to everyone at a time of great love. Remember to feel the love. Those of you who do celebrate Christmas. Remember that it is about love and celebration of new life and potentials for humanity and not a commercial holiday which has become. Let go of the need to buy a gift and remember it is about the gift of you. So give the gift of who you are and be in love and service to all humanity and all that is. That is how you create heaven on earth - The New Earth -

We wish you to feel our love and our blessings which is bestowed upon each one of you this day and everyday of your lives.

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji

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