Friday, August 12, 2011

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Worry Not!

Let your focus be on your desires

If you are spending time worrying if you will have enough, if there is enough for everyone or will someone else get more, then your focus is on lack and you will therefore attract more of the same toward yourself. Your angel guidance is to keep you focus on your desires, on how you will feel having achieved that desire, and trusting that the signs will appear along the way and that you will indeed notice the signs.

Trust is a big part of the human journey. Trust that you can and will manifest your desires in undreamed of ways and that that more will come your way that you could possibly imagine. Hold that thought as your truth often and watch as your life changes. You have fought the good fight, it is now time to revel in the rewards of your perseverance.

Release any worries or stress that you have about creating, as this is a huge block in what you manifest. Trust that new and better things are on the way.

you are dearly loved and supported always, the Angels

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