Monday, May 23, 2011

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ What is Truly Important

Be open to your gifts
Ask yourself, what is truly important for me to spend time and energy on?"
Your Angel guidance is to look at your relationships, work, home, family, and the world that is around you. We want to help you understand and heal any imbalances that are occurring in your life. As you heal and release any feelings and thoughts that no longer serve your, the more rapidly you manifest your desires.

Focus on your highest priorities. In your mind and heart, surround any people, situations and yourself in an orb of loving energy, trust that love is the heart of the matter. Be open to the gifts within each situation and person, and allow yourself to feel peace, love and harmony. Celebrate the moments within each moment, for everything is there for a reason, to enable you to grow and evolve. This is the reason you came to do the earth journey, to grow and evolve.

Spend time on projects and activities that make your heart sing. Make choices that honour you and your current life's mission. Share your gifts with others so they too can find that peace and harmony.
We are always with you and you are dearly loved, the Angels

Be true to your thoughts and feelingsSee the beauty that surrounds you and know that it is time to fulfill that which is in your heart and your passion. There is a longing within each soul who is not expressing themselves in their highest light. There is an underlying current of dissatisfaction, no matter how successful that person is within them if they are not honouring what they came here to accomplish. Everything that you do in your life is by choice and the Angels wish to remind you that is okay to choose again.

Work very closely with your Angels during this transition in your life. Surrender any guilt or other negative emotions you might be carrying around to us and let us assist you in your transformation. Know that endings are beginnings and each phase of your life is a new cycle. Use the energy of your longing to create and focus on freeing your soul. Be kind to yourself and let your spirit be free.
 You are dearly loved and always supported, the Angels

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