Thursday, October 7, 2010

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn


You are dearly loved, love each moment
We know that isn't always easy to see the gifts within each moment and that loving where you are at right now is often difficult. However this is the quickest way we know that can help you on your quest.

Open your heart to all the possibilities that lay before you. Each of you have the ability to transform any situation in your life. Open you tool box of possibilities and let the solutions come forward. There is nothing that has been created that cannot be transformed, it is a universal law.

Trust in your talents and your skills to take you to the next level in all that you do. You are strong and wise and always loved and supported, even if you don't believe it yet. Ask your Angels to help you see and feel this, we are here to support you always.

You are so dearly loved, close you eyes and feel us with you, the Angels

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Elena said...

So what happens when you believe while things are moving smoothly and when you hit a bump in the road and toss all the angels in a box because you feel abandoned... Well, once you realize your foolishness, can you pick up where you left off?

Sharon said...

Always! or you find that there is a path works better for you...there is never a wrong turn...some are just longer than others...your angels love you unconditionally and never ever abandon you... love and blessings, Sharon