Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Angel Card of the Day


"The deep blue sea speaks to your soul, healing and soothing you. Even the act of imagining yourself dipping into its healing womb brings about desirable effects. Better yet, spend time physically near the ocean. Allow its power and beauty to wash away all cares and concerns."

The Angels have sent us this message to remind us of the awesome healing powers of our oceans. Spend more time near the sea if possible, perhaps as a vacation or a new home base if you are feeling a calling to move. The Angels will help with this endeavour if you ask and allow them to. The ocean air and waters inspire and heal. If you can not get to the ocean, play some ocean sounds and spend time in meditation with the water and the beings of the sea.

love and blessings, the Angels


Anonymous said...

Could this card also refer to a lake, as well?

Sharon said...

yes a lake will work too, any bodies of water are cleansing and theraputic...the ocean has salt water and is extra cleansing...hence the reference... thanks for asking...