Monday, December 29, 2008

Angel Card of the Day


"The Angels urge you to care for yourself, your physical self also. Your physical body is your vessel in this dimension. Be sure to nourish it. Eat healthful, alive foods, exercise and avoid toxins."

This card is the Angels way of asking us to take care of our physical selves. Perhaps you resist this guidance, and the Angels have repeatedly come to your about this topic. They remind you that the body is an instrument that, when well tuned, emanates greater harmony. Your spirit is like the music of a grand piano, and the Angels ask you to maintain that piano.

As many of you are expanding your light and shifting your vibration, you will find that you will need to shift your diet as well. If you are currently experiencing great physical struggle with shifting vibrations, a change in diet and exercise may be exactly what is needed. More dense foods are difficult for your new physical body to process. Be gentle and kind with yourself during this process. And...Drink more water. Water is vital nutrient to flush that which is no longer required by your physical self.

The Angels know that if you follow this guidance, you will feel terrific. Your increased energy and happiness is your reward for following the Angels' suggestions. We will help you find the time and the motivation to make the necessary changes in your life. We can help you loose cravings for unhealthful substances of all kinds. And, we, the Angels will help you enjoy the new-found pleasures that come from purifying and maintaining your physical self.

With Love...the Angels....

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