Thursday, December 18, 2008

Angel Card of the Day


"Let go of old guilt, and remember that you're the Creators perfect child!"

Many of us have been very hard on ourselves lately. Oftentimes when we experience expanded periods of growth, we process things that we wished we had done differently. The Angels want you to know that it is now time to realize that you did the best you could at the time and to not beat yourself up with harsh words, verbal or mental.

It is time to release these feelings and words, if you find them in your thought processes, immediately surround them in love and release these thoughts replacing them with a more positive one such as "I am divine perfection", or 'I love my whole self".

You are a beautiful child of God and the Angels, call upon us to assist in any transformation you require, we are here and we are waiting...

With Love...from the Angels

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