Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Things are working out perfectly!

 The Angels want you to stop thinking about the doom and gloom the outer world wants you to believe in.

Yes these can be challenging times. Yes changing your thoughts and how you look at these challenges does change them. Yes hold positive thoughts for yourself and your life REGARDLESS of your current circumstances. It really is that simple! Let the thoughts go and think to yourself:


Repeat it as often as you need to until you start to feel it. Some of you will feel the physical shift, for others you will have to trust that when you want to stop, it is enough. If you don’t feel powerful yet, keep repeating it until you can trust that the signs will be there for you to let you know that things really are working out perfectly …and they are…whether you realize it yet or not!

We love you tons…Sharon and the Angels


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Unknown said...

I Love you sooo much, you can erase this commment, Just want you to now that you are saving my life

Sharon said...

waves of love...thank you so much ...means more than you know