Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Love Letters from Heaven

I think everyone wants love letters from those we love in heaven. I often receive requests from readers asking me if someone they love who has just passed away has arrived safely in heaven. Here are some tips to help you know.
love letters from heaven
I was around 8 or 9 before I realized it wasn't normal to talk to dead people. I didn't actually enjoy the movie 'the Sixth Sense' and I was surprised others didn't know he was talking to dead people. While my experiences are not as graphic as the movie is, I can feel their death. It isn't always fun, but I learned how to deal with it by necessity.
As I experienced life, I learned what dimension beings who visited me came from by where I feel them in my body. If they are successfully on the other side (heaven), I feel them in my heart. If a being is stuck in between dimensions - their soul does not move on after death of the physical body - then I feel them in solar plexus. It actually makes me sick to my stomach. When I suddenly feel nauseous, I 'look around' to see if there is a ghost that needs to cross over into the light and do 'ghost therapy' if there is.
Ghost hunting 101 - Always remember - love is the strongest force in the Universe and you will always be okay. Also take Archangel Michael with you, he will always have your back!
One of the messages our loved ones usually send us is that they are okay on the other-side. They are surrounded by ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over before them and that the love energy is magnificent. It really is beyond words or description.
Steve Job's last words before he left this dimension were 'Oh WOW, Oh WOW, Oh WOW '. As a nurse who held many beautiful souls as they transitioned, I have witnessed some remarkable deaths where there was no doubt that others came to take them home. For me it is a truly beautiful experience. For others it scares them, some a lot, some a little. They don't want us to be afraid of death or dying, but instead to embrace the life you are living so you live with no regrets at the end.
Another message they want to share is; We waste a lot of earth life time on unforgiveness and drama. Let go of the things that aren't important and most of it isn't important!
And lastly for today the message they wish to share is to stop spending so much of your time looking back longingly for the past. You cannot go backwards to what was or what might have been - stop doing that!

Your Angel Guidance is to open your heart and get your own love letters:
Messages from your loved ones are always based in love when they come from the other side. If they are filled with anything less than love, it is a message delivered from either the ego or a lower realm.
To get a message, the best way is to connect with your loved ones through meditation. Say prayer stating your intention. Surround yourself in love and light, and journal about the experience. Thoughts and feelings will come flooding back to you. Remember it is about vibrations - we raise ours down here and they lower theirs to meet with us in-between.
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Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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