Saturday, September 15, 2018

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Freedom

Follow your gypsy soul
Each one of you has a part that longs for freedom. Some of you follow this and live entirely by your own rules, and yet others struggle to release that aspect that longs to be free. You can't all drop your daily lives and go on a journey where you only need to follow your hearts desires, so make sure you take the time out of your daily lives to do something that makes you feel totally free regularly. 

Remember, you are a free spirit and an infinite soul and your heart is calling you to create time to be free and create a reality that will light you up. Take the time to feel what it is like to fly free, live wild, and remember that anything is possible. 

Thought for today: Take time to follow your gypsy soul, that part of you that longs to be free. These times will help you create and forge a path where you know that everything is possible. 

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji
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