Monday, January 16, 2017

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Expansion

You are entering a new phase in your growth 

Heighten your psychic abilities. As you hone your skills and work on your personal development you will find that your intuitiveness, your sensitivities to the energy around you is shifting to a higher vibrating way of being. You will be experiencing your world in a new way. At times this can be overwhelming, but keep at it and find someone who can assist you in mastering your skills if you need help assimilating this new energy.  

Listen to your intuition. it is guiding you to the answers that you seek. You have come a long way in becoming your authentic self and your angels want to help you see your options and understand. They can help you to see the truth and stand up for your beliefs when you make choices.  

The Mantra for today is:"I am in a new phase of my evolution and my sensitivities are expanding to new heights."

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji

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