Friday, August 21, 2015

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Peace

Finding your Peace
Sometimes the world about you feels like it has gone a bit mad and you can't keep your focus or positive attitude. When this happens, take a moment and step back from all that is happening around you. Create a a state of peace, serenity and tranquility to calm your mind and soothe your nerves. Use the tool of meditation to help you to achieve a more peaceful state of mind and experience inner stillness. Have patience with yourself and those around you during these shifting times.

Calm your nervous system by taking the time to relax and release. Use a cleansing vortex of light to help to clear away all the energy and debris that has accumulated around you and release it to Mother Earth to use as she sees fit. Visualize it spinning around you in a counterclockwise motion, swirling all about you, cleansing, purifying and clearing you of other peoples energy as well as any unwanted thoughts and feelings of your own. When you are done ask the angels to infuse you with a healing, calming and peaceful light to help you calm your nerves and allow you to experience a sense of deep inner peace. 

Affirm: "As I take a moment to be still and release, I am at peace." 

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji
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