Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Message from the Masters with Sharon Taphorn ~ Tap into the Amazing Power Within You!

Message from the Masters ~ Tap into the Amazing Power Within You!
What you seek is there. All that you ever truly need is available to those who look within for the answers that they seek. Ask and it shall be. The problem that often occurs is that you either do not listen for the cue’s and signs that are the answers to your prayers or you expect some kind of divine miracle to occur on your behalf without any work or participation on your behalf. What would you learn from a sudden event of miraculous proportions? The magic wand is now broken and no longer works in this new energy of empowerment. It is power with and therefore all the miracles must first occur within and then you will see the tangible manifestation in your world.

Action is the key. What are you doing right now to help yourself and those around you? How are you in service to yourself and the all that is?

Guidance is always available and should not be doubted or deemed unworthy on your behalf. It is time to release that mode of thinking and release it back into the light. It is time to look at many of your belief systems and see if perhaps it is time to update them to match this new energetic you. Many of these thoughts and decisions were made in a time of old, in a time of lack and in a time of power over and perhaps even when you thought that the end times were imminent, which they are no longer. So do you see that sometimes you need to reflect upon your life and upgrade your thoughts and feelings just as you have been doing all along with yourself and so take a look at your contracts and decide what you truly want to keep and what is done and complete.

If you are struggling with a problem or you are feeling lost or alone, your angels surrounding you can offer you guidance to help dispel the darkness, to release what no longer serves.  Help is always there available to those who are brave enough to ask.

Take some quiet time where you can be alone, take a walk in a garden, meditating, or even a peaceful relaxing bath. Focus upon the question or the situation that you seek further enlightenment and ask that your angels provide you with a sign that is uniquely meaningful to you. Do not stipulate what that is or how that should be as that is how you often interfere with the divine timing that you so impatiently wish to know nothing about (and we laugh). The response might come to you as a sudden insight, or a flash of knowing. Pay close attention to your dreams and journal meditations as these are all the answers that you seek. Trust when you are guided to a newspaper, or advertisement as there could be a message within it or perhaps a book will catch your eye, fall off a shelf, or be suddenly gifted to you in some way. These are all ways in which your entourage of light beings communicate, support and guide you, the more you recognize them as the hand of spirit, the more that seem to come your way.

Also to make the progress that you seek on this accelerated path of higher pursuits you will need to let go of the past. You will need to let go of old ideas, feelings, and situations that are no longer helpful to you or your growth. This must be done so that the new can enter and have room to root within your being. This is a new time, a time of a great shift in all you know and also how you do and so to be ready to become a conscious co-creator in this new era for humanity, you must clear away your stuff and release the baggage that has held you back for so long.

In order to release you are advised to sort out any areas of your life that hold you back or that drain you and make these your priorities, for once you have completed them and moved passed this cycle, you will be free. Let go and release any trivial concerns as well as any painful memories as both have the power to hold you back. Imagine that you are being symbolically rescued by your beloved helpers and that you are finally free of the ties that bound you to the past, to feelings, to the missed possibilities. And once these ties have been severed with the angelic blade, they can never grow back again or take root where once have been.

Learn to share of yourself and with an open heart. When you share from the goodwill of your soul and for no other purpose than to serve, for that is when you are truly at your highest and best use to the Universe and the all that is. This selfless action helps the growth of your soul and benefits everyone and everything, it sends out waves of energy filled with the essence of hope and peace and infiltrates love particles into the all the is.

Remember there are many ways you can serve and support others. It is not just about having the money, space or time. It is about remembering love and respecting others that honours who you truly are, and seeing that this exists in others, just as it is within you. Give without judgement, live without judgement and share of yourself wholeheartedly and without reservation.

“I share of my talents, my skills and my resources wholeheartedly and without conditions!

And so it Is.”

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