Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Message for the Masters with Sharon Taphorn ~ Peace, Ascension and Protection

A Message for the Masters with Sharon Taphorn ~ Peace, Ascension and Protection

Today let us talk about what is happening to humanity on a global level as well as what is happening on an internal level, or what should be happening to those who have embarked on the path of ascension. 

What exactly is ascension as it seems to have gotten all muddied up with thoughts and ideas that have nothing to do with its purpose, but to actually distract you from the work that is at hand. Ascension is the rising up, the surmounting of what was, the change in who and what you are and how you see life, the Universe and everything. It is that simple. You are all ascending every day when you consciously choose to live a life filled with more light and love. The path of the lightworker is that of ascension by its very nature and so you are undoubtedly on the right path. 

All around you in your world are examples of the people rising up, of people surmounting previous challenges and bringing with it new awareness’s of yourselves and how you relate to each other. Ascension is not a single event that happens in a moment in your time and space, it is a process of awakening to the all that is, the grander aspect that is you and becoming aware how your actions cause an equal or greater reaction in your world. How you are the Creators of the game of life and you are the masters at the controls, not some hidden man behind the cloth. Be patient and gentle with yourselves as the journey unfolding is the process and is meant to be savoured and enjoyed. Yes it is light work as many of you find yourselves in dark places in order to bring in the contrast of the light, and yet it can always still come from that place of peace and love. 

Sometimes protection is a helpful tool, especially for those who are newly awakening and learning to feel what is happening around you. Using a cloak of light and colour to protect you and hold yourself in an orb of peace, love, and light can do wonders to help you keep grounded in the energy of love and help you get things done regardless of what is going on around you. Especially during harsh times it is important to use this and to reinforce it several times throughout your day. 

When you get back to your homes and away from the masses, take an energetic cleansing shower and clean off all that belongs to others that you might have picked up and leave it outside your door. Make your home your sacred space. Don't turn on your televisions and watch the news or something that brings you into that space you just left at the door, give yourselves some time to relax and unwind and then perhaps you can be in a more receptive state to tune back in if you feel you must, but be careful and once again use shields to protect you from the bombarding energy that these types programs produce. It will serve you much better to remain peaceful if you ban it altogether and focus your energy on making change happen instead of listening over and over again how things aren't changing except from bad to worse. 

Peace is a place you find within you. Much like the changes that you seek for your world, it will begin with one heart at a time opening up to the masses in unconditional love. As one heart awakens, another one begins the process and it awakens another and so on is how it goes and then in what seems like a heartbeat, peace is here. 

Love is the key and the tool to that heart awakening and was the message of the masters in time past. Love is the answer to every question that you seek and will provide you  with the guidance you feel you need to make the choices that you do and the steps that you take. Love is the answer and it really is that simple, if you could only believe that it was possibly true. 

Find that place of peace within your hearts that is connected to yourself and all that is. Open up your heart and learn to love without expectation or agenda. Find peace with yourself and your life and do not worry about what could happen or might go wrong all around you as life sometimes seems to do, notice the love and the good in others and try to understand and forgive the lives of those you don't. Learn to love that which seems unlovable and you are then truly on the path of light. 

Go forth in the name of Peace, go forth in the name of Love, you are successfully surmounting what was and rising up to a new way of be-ing and do-ing and that is the path of the awakening ones. Keep up the good work in re-remembering the true magnificence of who you truly are, you are dearly loved!  

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the Masters

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran,Děkuji
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